Cuil – the next bIg thing

Welcome to Cuil—the world’s biggest search engine. The Internet has grown. We think it’s time search did too.

This new web tool cuil is pitched as the world’s latest, largest and swiftest search engine. Cuil was launched on Monday ( 28-7-2008 ) with 120 billion pages or ‘thrice’ the volume of the Google index.

Cuil is expected to search more web pages than Google and 10 times as many as the search engine of Microsoft.
Where Cuil scores over rivals is the way it indexes the web and handle queries by users. Both are costly operations, but Cuil claims to have found a way to slash those costs.

As a business proposition, Cuil is obviously a big bet … No other search engine has come close to entering the public consciousness like this. Of course, Cuil doesn’t have to trounce Google on day one. It took Google quite some time to surpass Alta Vista and Yahoo in the search wars

Coolest site on net

Yesterday while surfing on net I came across a site which is by far the coolest and funniest site I have ever seen on net ……

It was a lot similar to the world – famous site Wikipedia …. A lot of similarities ….

Here too , you could find information about each and every topic you want to search upon …… but , there is a twist in the tale ….. for instance , I typed “orkut” in the search box and here is what I got …. See for yourself ….

Orkut is a MySpace like website created by the turkish Orkut Büyükkokten (Orcute Baiácten) that means “I have nothing to do” and is designated for being attacked by Brazilian hackers and pedo guys. It’s the easiest way to know gossips about other people. There’s some Indians, Pakistans and Iranians too (see the Axis of Evil), that uses the website to comment cricket matches and terrorism plans.

It’s the same shit stuff as MySpace:
• Profile – Where you lie about yourself, you ain’t a stupid-tibia-playing-geek, you’re actually a cool, 21 year-old model, who just happens to look very similar to Rodrigo Santoro
• Album – Where you can upload the photos of your 5 year-old neighbor consuming drugs, pictures of your house, your school, even the license plate of mommy’s car!
• Settings – This is one of the most important areas, since it’d ONLY HERE that you’re able to…well…nothing really, it’s just there…
• Scrapbook – spams messages that you receive, and they’re all there, for everyone to see! How amazing is that!?
• Messages – The place where users should send personal messages instead that don fit the scrapbook
• Testimonials – The place where the users send personal messages instead of use the message system. Try to tell the Brazilians to do things the way they are supposed to…
• Friends – Your friends list (if you have one…if you don’t, there’s always some lonely fake just waiting to be your friend!)
• Communities – Another way to freely be racial about stuff! express your true opinions!


• In the early 15th century, Orkut did not accept new members. Only existing members could invite new members. As the postal services were very slow at that time, it took a long time grow to at least ten members from zero members. With the invention of E-mail, it took a giant leap forward from ten members to eleven members.
• But many users complained that the invite feature made it really difficult to make fake profiles. So, the Orkut team had to start giving “Join now” forms. The forms were made available at various places like your neighbor’s house and the other guy’s office whom you met at the bar. Recently, they put the link for the form on the Orkut home page too, where they will tell you where you can get the form from.


There are a vast number of communities in Orkut, like who has used your toilet and who has not used your toilet paper. It doesn´t matter, because all the communities has the same games and the same comments, most of them in portuguese.
You get extra points for each community you become a member. Any heavy user has more than 300 communities in their list, regardeless of not have accessed half of them.

Can’t stop laughing …..seriously……There are loads of similar mind boggling stuffs on this cool website called Uncyclopedia …. You will never get bored reading them……And this is how they give a link to Wikipedia on their page :


For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Orkut.

My school days

When I came to St. Antony’s it was my 7th school and on the last day of my school life in the farewell party I was the most happiest guy ….. because finally I was leaving the college ….. finally I was leaving the place which I loathed the most ….. unlike most of you , my school was nothing special to me ….. the reason being its management plus the teachers …… they would never appreciate you on your success but were the first one to say something to you on your failure ….. I hit the 90 mark both in X and XII but still I was threatened again and again in my final year by a psycho called Mr. Joshi ….. his favorite sentence being ,” I will hand over TC to you” …..

These dudes were always ready with their armory …… if they saw us becoming friends they used to mix up the sections ….. if we bunked for one day after the school picnic they would impose a fine …. $$$$$ ….. if we write on desk another fine …… if we break down the blackboard ,even then there was a fine ( giving an afterthought that fine might be a bit sensible 😛 )….. fines were the order of the day ….. and to buy tickets for a third grade fete was made compulsory …. Excellent …..

We endured everything till first year ….. all the compulsory Camlin All India Color Contests ( in the six years I never understood what I painted) …… deadly teaching of deadly teachers like Habdi (nick name)….. all the blames of being arrogant and undisciplined …… But in the final year it was not the teachers who were bossing around ….. It was us who were the boss ….. the tag of being the “worst batch ever” was something we hold up as a pride …..

That last year was really the best in my school life …… Just imagine the scene ….. Teacher teaching maths …… students busy in copying physics homework …. Others droozing …… and suddenly two cool blokes stand up and started exchanging blows …… dhishoom dhishoom …… teacher running to director’s office …… and the the students being escorted away with an air of pride about themselves …. Maths class can be so much fun ……

Or let it be the comparative exams …. 17 dudes absent …..mass bunking the exams does not seemed to be anice idea ….. the principal did not believe that all of us fell ill on the same day …..too bad …… parents rung up as a result……but no letting down of our spirits…….our actions included engineering rockets at the teacher’s back ….. the sound of falling tiffin box ….. comments from the back benchers …… As a result we were shifted to the classroom in front of staff room …. Plus a camera in the room …. Feels like a VIP …..

We use to diagnose all possible angles to avoid camera ….. even rotating camera towards the wall before assembly …. Result = a furious management ….. our moral science classes used to extend a bit more now …. With all the lectures on why should you not throw “I LUV U” chits in the class …… why should you not steal balls from the mouse (Yeah …. Our computer lab resembled Jurassic Era with the absence of digital mouse) ….. why should we not use abusive languages …. Why should we not go to cyber cafes …. Why should we not paste fake leave notices on campus’ gate ….. why should we not snatch lunch from juniors 😉 …… why should we respect teachers (mystery question indeed ) ……

But as they say …. Raat gayi Baat gayi …… every new day same old routine …… and we took all our revenge in our final year …… to the extent that teachers were beaming with joy at our farewell ….. some of the teachers left the college because of us ….. Victory ……. Though I hated my school to the core …. I will always cherish what we did the final year …..

Caught in the undertow

My college is about to start in a fortnight and the thing that’s troubling me now is my branch ….. last year , during counselling , I opted for EC in RKGIT even though I was totally dedicated towards CS ….. the reason being that I was determined to force a change in the branch the coming year ….

The results are already out and I found myself standing at no.3 in the college …. If I take the verdict of my buddies the branch change is sure ….. but still one never knows how many seats are empty and what are the chances ….. I have to start second year with EC and will be spending first few weeks blindly in the class , not knowing what I am supposed to study …. Switching or DBMS ….. Circuiting or HTML ….

Keeping the fingers crossed and hoping for the best …. Hoping to study something I am really interested in ….. Hoping not to say after fourth year that “My biggest agony in my engineering life is that I am an electronics guy “ !!!!!

Where are we heading for

Whenever someone comes across a B.Tech student of fourth year , the first question that shoots is “ARE YOU PLACED”???…….. that’s the trend of the day ….. Even the students ….. may be of any year or any aspirant …… the only goal that they have in their mind is to get a placement …… Last week when I encountered one of my junior’s parent during the counseling , the first question he asked was ,”What is the placement of this college like ?” …..

I , by no means , am suggesting that one should not go for jobs and just sit blankly at home ….. The question that frequently comes in my mind is that is getting placed the sole aim why one becomes engineer ….. Obviously no one wants to be unemployed ….. but why is everyone satisfied with the same 9 to 9 job in some multinationals …. Same 5 – 6 lac package ….. working under someone else and then retiring after some time ….. there exists another land beyond the horizon which we don’t want to see ….

There are still a few things left that Google can’t search, software can’t solve and mortals don’t understand. One such mystical thing is the perfect career. When it comes to something as important as your career, there is plenty of advice on offer and yet, there really is no sure shot at success.

When we study in schools our teachers and parents tell us constantly that study hard if you want to be employed or else you will become a rickshaw wala ….. the impression that these continuous reminders have on our mind is that job is the ultimate aim …….. and getting a job somewhere means success …..

Then we come to the college ….. and if we don’t get what we really desire ( that being IIT in every engineer’s case) , suddenly we develop a mindset that we are in a second grade university and from here we can go to a certain level only …. not at the top ……. And then we just make our mind to complete engineering somehow and then our life will be settled …… Engineering is a lot more than just getting a job …… and even engineering is not the end of the road ……

Engineering is about structured thinking while professional life is full of unstructured situations.

I want to do MBA because I yearn for recognition. And no matter how good you are at tech, the plain and simple fact is that techies don’t get recognition. Can you name the most successful software engineer in India ??

Our thinking is what makes a difference …… there is a famous quote ,” Sapne dekhoge tabhi wo pure honge.” ….. very true …… I don’t want to follow the same path as the majority does …. To become a prominent member in the society whom everyone knows is what one should always strive ….. there is only one person at the top and until one gets there , the constant effort to rise higher and higher should be maintained ……

Every morning when you wake up , just look at the mirror and ask yourself the same question ” Have I improved even a bit from yesterday ” … ” Have I learned something new from the day that has just gone by ” … If the answer is yes , you are on the perfect track …. and If the mirror says no , then boss , there is something not right which needs to be rectified as soon as possible .

The desire to be different is what sets one apart from commoners ….. I may not achieve my dream at the end ….. that’s too one of the possibilities ….. but atleast in the future I will not regret the fact that I did not put the effort that was needed …… atleast the word “IF” will be cancelled out from my life …… atleast I would be satisfied that I did what I wanted to ….. atleast I would not be stamped as “another brick in the wall”  …….. long way to go though …… but the path is very clear … and I have already packed my bags …