What other dream could I have


Yesterday while I was dusting down an old collection of mine …… which comprised of all those wwe and cricket cards , a huge bunch of pokemon tazzos and zenga cards ( I still remember how I used to buy Uncle Chips almost every other day in order to collect these things…..) , a lot of tattoos and stickers (I don’t know for what I saved them …. ) , few of my horrible paintings (some of them were really very very horrible indeed…..) and few of those group photographs with my classmates ………not to mention few uninvited guests in the form of spider and roaches who seemed to find a shelter in that old box …….

While I was turning over pages of a diary , I encountered a piece of parchment that was strategically placed somewhere in the middle ….. I closely looked at the words scribbled on the paper…….It was a poem…..and that too in my handwriting……Inference….sometime back in high school , a poet took birth within me for a day or two …..

The poem sounds a bit childish ….. and is dedicated to my favorite game then , TENNIS……it goes off the tone at few places …. but still I would love to share it with you ……It starts like this….

What other dream could I have
but to go to All England Tennis Club

to see class of Roger Federer
who hardly commits any error

to see serve of Andy Roddick
who is simply fantastic

to see swiftness of Lleyton Hewitt
whose shots makes his opponent sweat

to see Andre Agassi’s service return
seeing which even the moon burns

to see stylish Pete Sampras
who easily surpasses everyone’s class

to see volley of Tin Henman
who is the pride of Great Britain

to see Leander Paes’ attitude
watching whom is itself a gratitude

to see Rafael Nadal’s power play
who is undoubtedly king of the clay

to see Sharapova’s forehand
which receives an applause from the stand

to see Jimmy Connor’s sportsmanship
which makes him win so many championships

to see Navratilova’s lovely nature
which provides her such a high stature

to see win in a tie-break of Nicolas Keifer
which makes his opponent’s coach whisper

to see the upset created by Giles Muller
whom tennis ball complaint to be a killer

and to hear Vijay Amritraj’s comment on the center court
who is as usual wearing his stylish black coat .

The ending might not be very convincing……..but don’t forget I was just a one day old novice poet …… Do give me a bit of excuse …… 😛

Thank You

Go through this and have a great day …… This is the gist of the hour long speech by Jessie Owens (World Famous Athlete) on his first gold medal in the Olympics ……… Very Inspiring ……

To those of you who laughed at me , thank you

Without you I wouldn’t have cried .

To those of you who just couldn’t love me , thank you

Without you I wouldn’t have known real love .

To those of you who hurted my feelings , thank you

Without you I wouldn’t have felt them .

To those of you who left me lonely , thank you

Without you I wouldn’t have discovered myself .

But it is to those of you who thought I couldn’t do it

It is you I thank the most .

Because without you I wouldn’t have tried .

Be good and do good .


Call it my luck …. Or call it my precise selective study…..I managed to tame my sessional exams pretty easily……leaving apart just one paper of Networks , everything went according to the plan…..The Diwali celebrations late at night prior to the last sessional , followed by a clash between two groups of students and invasion of the HOD into the boy’s hostel , didn’t prove to be any hindrance ……

Festival of lights , Deepavali is just around the corner …… Its festive time …… holidays are on …… everyone is back home to celebrate the festival ……. No studies for a few days now …..

Meanwhile , I was tagged by Mahak to reveal 6 quirky things about me …… Thanks for my first ever tag ….. 😀

Going by the dictionary…..

quirk : a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism

  1. I have a phobia that everyone on this planet has got a keylogger installed on his system …… and as soon as I will log into my account through his sytem my account will be hacked …….. this habit of mine force me to use all types of techniques to remain safe (like keying in first two letters of my password and then write something random in search bar , so as to be at the safer side ) ……. Most of the time I end up typing in the wrong password and thus , killing a lot of time ….. ? 🙁
  2. Whenever I encounter a cuckoo singing on the treetops , I can’t help but to imitate the voice ….. just repeat the same “kuhoo kuhoo” a couple of times and see how energetically the bird replies with few more of those melodious calls , hoping to find a new friend ….. a friend who can’t be found at the tree tops , most certainly….. 😉
  3. I don’t know how and when It happened …… but I have developed an addiction to the back bench and love being called a “back bencher “ …….. Even if the whole class is empty , I will always shoot for one of the chairs in the last row …… In the worst case scenario , when I can’t find a seat in the last row , I will prefer to walk out of the class instead of being a part of those muger front benchers ….. 😡
  4. Last year in my hostel , ironically , lights of the bathroom of my lobby used to go nuts within one or two days of repair …… At that time , I developed a peculiar habit for enjoyment ….. I used to hide in the dark and pounce on any victim who used to enter the red alert area …… Most of them , unaware of the attack , used to shriek on getting the surprise …… I still remember , once the trick flipped back on me …… One of those inhabitant of my lobby got so frightened of the attack , that he lodged a full fledged attack on me as an action of self defence …… I did received a few healthy blows on my head ….. 😀
  5. Of late I have let go of one of the superstitions that I used to follow before appearing in any exam ….. I don’t remember Exactly what they were …… But there was a different task to be done for every day of the week ….. for instance , on Monday , I used to look at my image in mirror beforing departing for the exam centre ….. on Tuesday , I used to lick curd , or anything sweet ……. On Wednesday , I was supposed to drop a coin in a tumbler kept at the entrance of my home…… I don’t exactly remember the ceremony on other days of the week …… my mother was my guide , as most of the Indian moms are ….. 😛
  6. Whenever I am travelling alone in train , I always have to face a battle with sleep ……. I always have a fear that the train will get past my destination while I am lost in my dreams …… Even though I set alarm to my rescue , I can’t help but to check the time at regular intervals and asking the co-pessengers which station train has just crossed 🙂

Thats it with my quirks …… finished with the tag …….

Passing the tag to mystical , Vidya and Shivya

Back to the Karambhoomi

One week has gone by in a ziffy …… “Royal” is the word that I would associate with my lifestyle back at home …… With full freedom to do whatever I want , go to bed and rise back at my sole wish , no endeavour by my sister to get hold of the sytem when I am on …….. I am the BIG BOSS here at home …..

Just one day ….. and see how a king transforms into a soldier on a mission …… a mission to face all the threats directed at him by HOD for bunking the classes ….. a mission to rise at 9 in the morning …….. a mission to …….errr……to look after himself ……..

Back to the Karambhoomi ……. Back to RKGIT …… back to all the assignments that I have been postponing for the deadline ……. Back to the classes that I would have bunked had I been not blacklisted …… Most importantly , back among my friends …… Back to all the masti …… back to the party-every-night attitude ……. Sheer enjoyment ……
Despite of all the work load that Data Structures lay upon us , despite of the (something-is-better-than-nothing) food of our mess , despite of all the fines that’s imposed on us for all funny reasons ……. “Heavenly” is what I would say about life in the hostel ……. So many friends to share your happiness and gloomy moments with …… so many friends to kick at your back ruthlessly on your friends …… so many friends to strike for you lest you were restricated from the hostel …… “All for One …. One for All “……

Forseeing the heavy workload that I am destined for until Deepawali holidays , I might not be able to blog for the coming few days ….. might not even come online for long stretches …… Its hard to find any spare time to update the blog amidst hundreds of events going around ….. Will try my level best to buy some time and sneak in one post , or two though…..
Bidding Lucknow goodbye……Here I come ghaziabad !!!!!