-U.S. Open :2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
-Australian Open :2004, 2006, 2007
-Wimbledon :2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
-Roland Garros :Finals 2006, 2007, 2008
-Tournaments Won : 57 singles, 8 doubles

It was during Wimbledon 2003 . 7 times champion Pete Sampras against the new sensation Roger Federer . The match was a classic 5 setter and in the end , Federer saw the better of Pete and took away the match . Since then I have supported Fedex in every game of his . He has been the perfect athlete , the king of tennis , world no. 1 for continous 237 weeks , 13 grand slams under his belt and last but not the least , my role model .

A loss of Indian team in a cricket team doesn’t disappoint me so much as  one of the Federer’s defeat in a tennis match . Arguably the best player ever to have stepped upon the grass court . His fantastic range of shots , the powerful serve , masterful forehand and not to forget his one handed graceful backhand , makes him a delight to watch in a tennis match .

I am a die hard fan of the Swiss Symphony and just can’t bear his defeat . When he cried after his defeat at the Australian Open this year , I could not help switching off the TV . He would have been at par with Sampras’ recored had he conquered Rafae in the final . But it was not to be . Once again , he lost to the Spaniard in a 5 setter in another grand slam Final . Rafael Nadal has been his nightmare . He has replaced the king from the top but that by no means suggests that he is better than Federer . Dhoni may be no. 1 in rankings but he is no match for Sachin . Same goes in the case of Roger and Rafael .

The signs are obvious that Federer era is almost over . This Roland Garros might be his last chance to complete his dream of a perfect slam . He might win it , or he might end his career without it (like Sampras ) . But undoubtedly he has been a great champion and whatever people may suggest , I have found him very humble and polite by nature . A perfect gentleman and a perfect sportsman . Wishing him best of luck for his shot at French Open and his 14th grand slam crown .Good luck King !!!

What to do ????

It hasn’t been long since the start of fourth semester and look , sessionals are right at the corner . Books appear so alien now . I am looking at the book bank for the first time after I took them from library . Engulfed in a pool of questions , I don’t know where to start from . In the name of preparation for exams I just keep looking again at again at the sessional schedule , the books full of crap knowledge and photocopy of the notes .

What to do know ??? How to see it through ???………………No problem whatsoever . We are techies in making . We got a solution for everything . We know how to cross this obstacle . God has given us a healthy body , and that’s exactly what we are going to use . (P.S. brain is not what we are going to use 😛 )

Assignment # 26 : Mass Bunk

Objective : to convince whole class to bunk a lecture you are not interested to attend

Requirements :  A class with a majority of good for nothing dormant elements , a CR (class representative) who is always ready to get banged , a dumb lecturer , a new release in theatre , few active back benchers.

Theory :

Mass Bunk :

“ The tactical use of the CR ( to convince the fellow muggers ) to achieve your goal of escaping the mental torture that could occur otherwise . This activity is highly appreciated by majority of students and is highly loathed by the faculty and the studious lot . Occasional bunks go unnoticed , but few of them in quick succession will surely get the HOD interested .“

CR :

“The person who is often used by the batchmates as a escape goat when HOD enters the scene . Whatever wrong happens in the jungle, either this person is supposed to have an explanation for that , or else he is a goner . Usually a mugger , one to have a sympathy with “

Back Benchers :

“The masterminds of the jungle , who most often initiate the spark and force the CR to set the jungle on fire . Least interested in study , most of them have a short attendance , the most important component in the bunks ( yet , are never highlighted ) . Usually work in groups and communicate via. code language .”

Result : “A happy bunch of kids going back to do something useful , some to the canteen , others to their respective hostel rooms (all the muggers) and occasionally a few of them head to the HOD to launch a complaint against the anti social elements (carnivores of the jungle) .”

Precautions :

  • Always have a check on how the front row (usually the girls) reacts when the topic is first brought into their notice .
  • Be quick to take your action . If the lecturer appears in the scene , be quick to come back to your position as if you were upto nothing .
  • Always have a control over the CR . An angry CR might lead to 100% classes , which in turn cant get you detained due to short attendance .
  • Play safe . Bunk classes and enjoy life . 😀


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Happy Valentine’s Day

Miss X (strategically changed name ) along with her friend Miss U was standing in front of girl’s hostel early in the morning on the auspicious day of Feb 14 . The two girls were waiting for something very patiently (don’t know what , might be Miss W ) .

Meanwhile a suspicious creature named Mr F (again a strategically changed name) , who looked very jovial with a red rose in his hand , approached them . He wasted no time in kneeling down on his knees and asking Miss X , “Will you be my valentine ?”

Miss X had her own plans . She broke the boy’s heart with a very rude reply , “Get lost” .

Everyone thought that Mr F has had another heartbreak and would head back disappointed , but nothing of this sort happened . Infact , he reacted very sensibly . “Recycle Reduce Reuse” . He turned towards Miss U and asked same sweet question ” Will you be my valentine ? ” 😆