Cricket , Media and Monsoon

The ever so fickle Indian cricket fans . Apparantly people are looking forward to restore Dhoni’s effigy which was strategically burnt following India’s premature exit from T20 World Cup . The reason being India’s victory against Windies in the longer version of the game . They are again being praised by everyone . Lets hope nothing drastic happens in the matches to come or else few more effigies are destined to be burnt .

But the Indian media was not satisfied with the win . According to Star News ” Aise Jeete to Kya Jeete ” , thereby trying to say that India would better have lost the game rather than winning by just 20 runs . Bizarre . They will not be satisfied until the winning margin is a four three figured one .

Just visualise the scene . A common stupid man sitting in his home getting terribly bored . Where should he turn to ???? …..  The news channels . Absolutely . What else could bea better time killer than an array of news depicting the discovery of a werewolf , signs of a lion-cum-man , the eternal love story of a Naag-Naagin couple . The media is going from bad to worse . Someone please tell them that they are meant to deliver the latest news feed rather than reviewing the talent hunt shows .

P.S. The so called news channel “India TV” sucks to the core

Monsoon Monsoon . Where art thou ?

Its ultra humid here . Everyone has been waiting since ages for the monsoon to arrive . Even with the 24 x 7 power supply , its pretty hard to resist the humidity . I just can’t imagine what people in Delhi must be going through , with those frequent power failures . Must be like hell .

Lets hope it arrives sooner than later . Keeping my fingers crossed .


Don’t go by the title . I wasn’t summoned for some freaking interview by the DC . Infact I was tagged by Avada Kedavra to answer the questions fired at me … 😀

Q: When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

Well I thought that this planet’s doing great maintaining its co-existence with me . lol . Frankly speaking , I was like ” Damn !!! Subah Subah Kiska Chehra Dekh Liya ” ….

Q: How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?

Just 340 bucks … 🙁 … This recession I tell you …..

Q: What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?

Mor … Mor = Peacock … India’s national bird ( Yeah you heard right .. Its not Owl .. Its peacock … )

Q: What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?

Its the Harry Potter .midi tone … Pretty loud and can be great as a alarm tone …. would assure that everyone in the house is on their toes looking for the device and device owner to thrash apart …. 😛

Q: Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?

It appears as if a freak is having immense pleasure in giving me loads of misses …. Neither have I  bothered to respond to him … He is all over my Call Log ….

Q: What are you wearing right now?

Right now I am wearing my spects … Infact I wear them the whole day … My vision is a not that powerful you see …. 🙁

Q: Do you label yourself?

Nah .. I have a name … and everyone knows it ( Atleast I think so ) … Anyways , I only label my teachers , no one else ….

Q: Name the brand of the shoes you currently own?

Its a Woodland brand …. My mother acts a bit hysterical whenever she comes across it … She is like ” What has gone into you … These shoes weigh more than your bones , muscles and that small brain  combined ” ….

Q: Bright or Dark Room?

Daaaarkk…. Muhahahahaha ….

Q: What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?

Both of us share our favorite Harry Potter spell – Avada Kedavra … A jet of green light and ” see you in hell bro ” ….

Q: What does your watch look like?

It looks very pitiful right now … I dropped it from a height of 5 ft. some time back ( not on purpose ) and it went bizarre …

Q: What were you doing at midnight last night?

Last night …. I was busy designing a web page + winamp going crazzy + thrusting snacks down my throat + blah blah blah …

Q: What did your last text message you received on your cell say?

” Dear Customer , we confirm the receipt of Rs. 10000 towards your policy no. 06762246 via. cash . From – AD-ICICIPru ” ….. Whoaaaa….10000??? … must be kidding ….. they have been texting me for some time now … I have never bothered to find out …. Trash …..

Q: What’s a word that you say a lot?

There are two words which I use a lot : “Please” and “Sorry” …. Just remember these two words … Aur fir tum Har Manjil Paa Sakoge …. Har Mushkil Asaan Ho jaayegi … Jeet Tumhaari Hogi … Sirf Tumhaari 😆

Q: Who told you he/she loved you last? (Please exclude spouse , family, children)

It was one of my friends … ( apparantly she was given a dare ) … Sadddd !!!

Q: Last furry thing you touched?

Guess who ??? …. My parrot … There ain’t a day when I forget to remind him who the boss is ….

Q: Favorite age you have been so far?

The age I am in right now …. 😀  ….

Q: What was the last thing you said to someone?

Sri Lanka ki Lanka lag gayi ( @T20 final … to one of my friends )

Q: The last song you listened to?

What goes around comes around ( Justin Timberlake )

Q: Where did you live in 1987?

Huh ??? … I was not born … I lived with angels and demons ….

Q: Are you jealous of anyone?

Yeah … I am jealous of  Wolverine … I also want steel claws like that …. 🙁

Q: Is anyone jealous of you?

I think Wolverine is … He wants normal clawless hands like me … 😛

Q: Name three things that you have on you at all times?

Locket + Rings ( not the ones from LOTR ) + Spects

Q: What’s your favorite town/city?

Lucknow …

Q: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?

Long long back … I don’e even remember ….

Q: Can you change the oil on a car?

Nope.. why would you spill oil on your car anyway ???

Q: Your first love/big crush: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?


Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?

Nah … I am a complan boy !!!

Q: What is your current desktop picture?

Its a weird pshycho type wallpaper … very dark ( Dark Background consumes less power …  😛 )

Q: Have you been burnt by love?

Look at me …. I have turned into ashes … 🙁

Everyone who reads this post is tagged by me to complete this tag . 😀

The Controversial Remote

The cricket season is on . There is no point telling that ICC T20 World Cup is going on . Everyone geared up to support Team India . But the timing of these matches is a bit unusual . Starting from 6 in the evening and continuing until late at night . And this is the time when television is full of all the crap stuff my mother and sister love to watch . I knew that the clash was inevitable and the remote control was destined to suffer few blows .

For the first few days of the tournament , we were allowed to watch the matches without much hindrance . I think seeing how excited we were  , the opponent team showed mercy on us and allowed us to rein .

But as I feared , the threshold limit was reached one day when mom decided that there was no point to miss some soap named “Toota Chashma” to watch few Africans play English . She presented a perfect argument telling us that neither Smith nor will Collingwood mind if we don’t watch the match . And then ……..

As I always do whenever such a situation arise , I  ran away from the scene . As they say in Hindi ,”Patli gali se khisak lena.” I took shelter with my system . Slowly but surely , the sound of the Idiot Box sunk amidst the World War III that has just begun . After listing of all the pros and cons of cricket and description of how watching a serial could eat your brain through , the debate came to an abrupt end .

The controversial remote was lying on ground and as always , we could find ourself searching for live streaming on net . The television was now proudly displaying an array of actresses crying , one after the other , and saying stuffs like ,”Tum mere bachche k baap ban ne waale ho” , with no cricket to disturb them in their venture . Uncle took this oppurtunity to look at the comic side of the incident and describing it as “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki” .

It looked like Dad was not ready to take any chances for the next day’s India vs Windies encounter . So , I found myself face to face with a brand new TV . Right now I am on top of the world . It is a total “Cricket TV” with no one to change the channel during the break between overs .

I looked at this TV to be the end of the controversy but it was not to be . A new debate on ” Buying a new TV is a sheer wastage of money ” started pretty soon …. lol . My home is a parliament and I love this parliament .

P.S. Remote no . 1 is undergoing operation right now 😛

Return to the Past

Just a while back I was chatting with one of my school mates after a long time . Infact , I was chatting with her for the first time . We were in the same class for many years , yet we never talked to each other . And two years after school , we were talking like the best of friends meeting after a long time .

Amidst all the conversation a question she threw at me forced me into some thinking . She asked ,” Why you never talked to me in school ? Was I so bad ? ” . I kept searching for words , but didn’t find any . In the end , I threw the same question back at her . She instantaneously replied ,” Because I thought you were a very reserved person and don’t hold any interest in socializing . Plus , you looked so full of yourself and your ego .”

I was shell shocked to hear this . This was the very same reason I never tried to strike a conversation with her in my school days . After we talked for some time I realized that she was miles away from what I thought her to be .

It is nothing more than ” Let him/her approach first ” type of thinking which prevent us from interacting with few people . The result being us conjuring a completely false image about the other’s attitude .  We never talk to each other because we are not sure whether the other is interested in talking to us or not . And in the end , we end up being complete strangers to each other . Who knows we could have been great friends .

Going back in time , I remember quite a few faces I never really put an effort to start a friendship with . When I look at the “acquaintances” list of my life , there are quite a few people who could have so easily been in the “friends” list , or even in “good friend” and “best friend” list .

This may be  just a chat with one of my old class mate , who has now moved from my “acquaintance” list to the “good friends” . But this has caused me to repent for what I have not done . The person on the other side of the line might have been waiting for me to take the first step . I would have been blessed with a much much larger friends circle had I not hesitated , had I approached them .

Better late than never . Its time to Return to the Past . I am going to search for quite a few names now ( on Orkut , Facebook , Google … anywhere and everywhere )