Avada Kedavra tagged me to complete this tag .

Now the ever so charming rules 😛 :

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  • Share the ABCs of you.
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So, lets see if I still remember those alphabets ….. 😆

A – Available/Single? Single but sadly , not available 😛

B – Best friend? My laptop , brain … Sanchit

C – Cake or Pie? What is the difference ??? 😯

D – Drink of choice? Variable . Not stuck into one drink for long … except water for sure 😛

E – Essential item you use every day? Spects … lol … without them everything looks more or less same to me 😉

F – Favourite colour? Belligerant Black !!!

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Come again …. Now you will ask me ” Lizards or Cockroaches ” ???? …. for the record , I would prefer a bear without any gum or worm about it .

H – Hometown? Lucknow ….

I – Indulgence? Computers ( yeah I am addicted to web .. so what ?? ) … Harry Potter ( but I can’t fly 🙁  ) … Sports … etc etc etc ….

J – January or February? neither of them … I prefer September …. afterall I was born in Sept … isn’t that a pretty good reason to like September ??? 😛

K – Kids & their names? Kids of whom ??? please specify …. As for mine , I am not disclosing them … wait till it get published in some celebrity magazine …. 😛

L – Life is incomplete without? oxygen and water …. everyone will agree to this ….

M – Marriage date? I am going to call Panditji and my parents after completing this tag …. After their mutual approval , I will confirm the date …. fair enough !!!

N – Number of siblings? one … my elder sister 😀

O – Oranges or Apples? apples coz “An orange a day won’t keep the doctor away”  😆

P – Phobias/Fears? hackophobia … fear of being hacked 🙁

Q – Quote for today? I am so cool that I cause ice cubes to shiver :mrgreen:

R – Reason to smile? Someone told me that it requires less muscular contraction and expansion ….

S – Season? Spring …. Summers are too hot …. Winters are too cold … and Autumn … well Autumn is Autumn …

T – Tag 3 People? yeah I will … why you need to remind that again and again ??? 😡

U – Unknown fact about me? I am a muggle … yeah you heard it right … It might come as a surprise to you but indeed , I am a muggle … 🙁

V – Vegetable you don’t like? Now this will take few days if I start listing them down …. I mean c’mon If I liked vegetables so much , would I have been wearing spects right now ????

W – Worst habit? Sleeping late and waking up late … very very late …

X – X-rays you’ve had? a number of times …. any minor cramp and my mother is confident that I have got a bone or two punctured fractured

Y – Your favourite food? Chicken Curry  …. 😀

Z – Zodiac sign? Virgo … yeah I am ruled by Mr. Mercury !!! :mrgreen:


And I do remember that I got to tag three people … there was no need to remind that to me again and again … 😛

Here I tag Akshay , Neha and Ambika …. 😀 … Enjoy the tag 😛

The Haunted Room :: Report

Recap : Two months back , courtesy to the brilliant management of his college , the boy who was once heading the queue in the morning ended up at the tail by the evening and was left with no option but to get The Haunted Room allotted to his name . An hour later , every single person was found rushing to the boy consoling him and assuring him of all the possible help they could provide ( except exchanging their room with his ) . The boy had no other option left but to wait and see what was in store for him .

Last week , after Dean did not give up calling me day after day ( he assumed that he was ringing my father’s number ) , I decided to go to the college for a week or so , to pay the fees and getting my name enrolled and not to forget , a tour to the much hyped room of mine .

A gigantic , black and rusty lock was found hanging at the door . I wondered why they need such a lock to guard an empty room , as if it was guarding the Chamber Of Secrets . After a few knocks at the warden’s room and completion of the formalities , an assistant was send with the key to open the room . My curiosity was increasing with every step I took towards the room .

Finally he opened the room . The room , as I assumed , was not empty . Not a single part of the room was empty . It resembled more like the building comprising of the eggs of “Godzilla” . Spider’s web encompassed three quarters of the room . Lizards , mosquitoes , roaches and an array of bugs were having a war for their territory . The large packages kept in the room were looking very suspicious indeed . The condition of the room was terrible and even a ghost would resist residing in such a room . After I complained to the warden that I have paid the money for a room and not for a monstrous cave , he promised to get the room renovated within a few hours .

After about three hours my room was looking a lot more human . The illegal residents of the room were sent away . The packages smuggled  somewhere else . Everything was in their place but for an extra bed . I was quite sure that this was a single seater . Then what the hell were two beds doing there ? It appeared as if the ghost had made his intentions quite clear . He was not at all interested in sharing the same bed with me and has made arrangements for himself . :mrgreen: I didn’t had any problem with that until he poked his nose in my matter .

The first night in the room . I was hammering in a nail in the wall . Thakkk …. Thakkk …. Thakkkk …. Suddenly the fan started making an abnormal sound like it could fall down any moment . My first thought was that the ghost didn’t like the unnecessary sound I was causing and has decided to throw in a warning at me , saying ” Jeeyo or Jeene Do ” . My heart said ” Wo Aa Gaya ” while my mind was trying to look for the cause behind this . Later I found out that a polythene somehow flew got stuck in one of the blades of the fan and was the reason for this event . Except that incident , nothing paranormal happened that night .

The following days , the strength of my room increased . My friends who were still waiting for their rooms to be vacated took shelter in my room . The extra bed that the ghost has arranged for himself was captured by us . Humans are afterall more dangerous than the ghosts . 😛

The ghost must have decided to change his address as my room was turned into a common room in few days , afterall my balcony provides a perfect view of college and when its raining , the view is just amazing . In a week that I spent there , I could not detect any paranormal activity . All the rumors and warnings have gone to dust . The conclusion is that my haunted room is not haunted afterall . 😀

All Clear

This is a habit of UPTU . All the time when you sit online staring at the home page of its aweful awesome site , your effort will go in vain and while you are busy doing nothing , a shout will echo across the hostel “Resulllttt aaaa gayyyaaaa” . At that moment your brain tells you that its another one of the pranks while your body rushes you to the nearest computer around .

Today , once again , another one of those shrieking voice struck my eardrums . Instantly I ran at the source which although was a trusted one , still I refused to believe the integrity of the announcement . With a firm determination to rip the source apart , had the news been fake , I opened the site and …….. Yayyyy !! All clear !!! 74.4 % aggregate when you are expecting a back in one or two is nothing less than a miracle .

Two years of engineering done with without any road blocks . I am over the moon right now !!!!!

What goes around comes back around

This is what happened during India’s tour of Australia 2008 ( the famous Sydney Test ) where Ponting suggested that mistakes in umpiring ( which somehow happened to be all against India ) was a part of the game and can’t be avoided …….

And this was Mr. Ponting’s reaction after that …….

And now after one year , Ashes 2009 …. a wrong decision went against Aussies when Hughes got unlucky after he was dismissed when ball seemed to bounced in front of Strauss’ curled fingers …. and everyone is against Koertzen for not going upstairs …..

Read full story here

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

The much awaited “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince” has hit the theatres now , after a long wait of two years . Directed by “David Yates” , the sixth movie has received mixed responses so far .

Why should you go for HBP ?

Michael Gambon ( Dumbledore ) and Helena Carter ( Bellatrix ) really acted well . Alan Rickman was just awesome as Severus Snape .

All the scenes depicting the dark forces were awesome . The starting of the movie itself , with Death Eaters on the path of destruction was a perfect beginning . The dark part is really well directed and you will enjoy that thoroughly .

Quidditch is back with this movie . Although it focussed more on Ron-Hermione relationship than the extraordinary broomstick skills that we have witnessed so far .

The movie deals well with the emotional part . Harry’s reaction on seeing the dead body of Dumbledore can get your tears involved .

Yates took care of the comic part really well . Throughout the movie someone ( usually Ron ) will be there to tickle your funny bone .

Emma Watson , as usual , is looking gorgeous in the movie .

The Warner Brothers logo coming from between the clouds with HP theme playing in the background is magnificent . lol 😆

Why should you not watch the movie ???

Not meeting the expectations : Now come on , I know its not fair to compare books to movies , the former is always better . But still , the movie is pretty ordinary ( No offence to Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of Phoenix )

The Burrow Scene : Where did it come from ??? Lupin and Tonks unable to cross the fire and there goes Potter behind Bella followed by Ginny ( fire did not seem to perturb them ) . The power of love I assume .

Horcrux vs Love Potion : You won’t believe this . But Ron and Lavendar’s snogging scenes have somehow dugg up more space than the horcruxes . No description of what the Voldemort’s horcruxes were . No description of how Dumbledore happens to find the cave ( he had an intuition I believe ) . And minimal description of “Half Blood Prince” . The director was more interested in Love Potion rather than the Horcruxes .

Loose Script : It was just like filling the things in . Inspite of building up to something , Yates tried to implement as many things from the book as possible . He really messed up the end , giving it a totally new look .

Where was Voldemort : I really missed Voldemort . I guess I saw him for a millisecond or so . Further , Tom Riddle from Chamber of Secrets was far better than this one .

P.S. Personally , I didn’t liked the movie very much . I had pretty high expectations with the movie , after all the positive reviews and being rated 8.3 by IMDB . Go , watch it and decide for yourself . Who knows ??? You might just happen to like this one .