H for …….. ?????

I was drifting towards a hollowness which was slowly eating me up . Everytime I thought about posting something , a mental block appeared to hinder my venture . This tag by Avada Kedavra has really proved to be a saving manoeuvre .

Tag Rules: It’s harder than it looks!(Mind It). Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag your friends. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun!!

1. What is your name: Harsh ( The intro was damn so correct . This tag appears to be so much harder than it looks , right from the outset . Tell me your name lol 😛 )

2. A four Letter Word: Hoax ( Now don’t make an assumption that this blog is a hoax . You are not dreaming .  I swear thia is for real , and so am I . 😐 )

3. A boy’s Name: Harry ( Now keep guessing why I chose this name )

4. A girl’s Name: Hermione ( Really . This tag is getting harder with every question . 😛 )

5. An occupation: Hacking ( Bet you find a more interesting occupation 😈 )

6. A colour: Haraa ( what else could be more eco friendly ?? 😉 )

7. Something you wear: Helmet ( A helmet a day keeps the doctor away 😀 )

8. A food: Hamburger ( “If you stare directly into a hamburger for about 17 minutes straight it will sometimes magically transform back into the piece of crap it was excreted from. This is called the Hungry-Donald principle.”   )

9. Something found in the bathroom: Human ( unless something from an UFO is purposedly dropped in your bathroom 😆 )

10. A place: Hungary ( when I was in class 5th , my cousin told me that this country derived its name from its citizens who were victims of malnutrition . I don’t know of whom he was making fun of . Of Hungary or Of Me ???  :P)

11. A reason for being late: Hungry ( You will agree that its better to be late than to die of hunger 😛 )

12. Something you shout: Hakuna Matata ( No Worries …. 😀 )

13. A movie title: Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire ( hahahahaha … the fact that I share the same initials with Harry have made this tag a piece of cake   😀 )

14. Something you drink: H2O ( try drinking this stuff some day . Two atoms of hydrogen along with one of oxygen can create miracles )

15. A musical group: High School Musical ( can’t think of any other bunch of jumping jacks )

16. An animal: Horse ( P.S. my name doesn’t rhyme with horse 😡 )

17. A Street name: Harry Street ( googled this name 😐 )

18. A type of car: Honda City ZXI ( thats my favorite )

19. A song title: Hero ( Enrique Iglesias)

20. A verb: Haunt ( Goose flesh ??? ) 😛

Now its my turn to tag others . Keep your fingers crossed . Here I come . I tag Kido , Rashmi , Akshay and Arpit . Anyone else wishing to do this tag is most welcome . 😀


With the changing climate ( yes , monsoons have finally arrived 😛 ) , every third person seems to be getting infected by the “NORMAL” version of influenza . I also happened to be a part of that arithematic series . Courtesy to my extraordinary power of sneezing , I managed to terrify quite a few people on my way back from Lucknow .

There was this guy in the train , with the mask on . He took all the necessary precautions to maintain a distance from any type of flu that might come his way . The poor guy had his luck quota over when he , unfortunately , took his seat just next to me . For half an hour or so , he kept his mask on , scrutinizing every activity within his vision , trying to spot any activity of attempted communication of infection . I maintained my composure and controlled my sneeze for some time . After the scrutiny , when everything seemed to be safe , the guy took off his mask ( apparently he was finding it difficult to breathe under it ) . And look at the coincidence . As soon as the mask was off , the virus within me spotted the chance , and with a devilish look in my eye , there came a dreadful voice which shook everyone in the compartment ……. Aaaannnccchhhhhoooooo ………….

The poor guy ran for his life , opened the door and jumped out breathed in as much fresh air as he could . I was sure he was cursing me to hell . I could see the terror in his eyes . As for the other people sitting nearby , they were looking at me like I was a terrorist or something . Handkerchiefs were out and I was greeted with cold stares all around saying ,” Just try doing that once again and you will never sneeze again ” . Unable to face the public , like a criminal heavily burdened by his guilt , a quietely made my way to the upper birth , switched off the lights , and sneezed only in installements throughout the journey , and that too pretty mildly . Phhheeewww ….

Well you guys need not to cover your nose while reading this post . I am out of my sneezing habit , am totally swine-free and pose no threat to anyone living or dead 😛 . Infact , the influenza brought with it two good news for me . I have been awarded “They gonna rock” award by Vishesh , the smiley king 😀 😀 😀 and “The Coolest Blogger” award by Kanagu . Yayyyy !!!! :mrgreen:

A very “FLU”ent week

Something’s terribly wrong with my immune system . Of late , bacterias and viruses seem to extract a lot of pleasure out of camping within my body . And in present scenario , when even a sneeze would make you a prime suspect of being H1N1 infected ,  common cold would mean a hundred of thousands of test you got to go through .  😡   . And these tests are what I detest more than anuything else . If you ask me the last thing I would like to visit , my answer will be a hospital .

It has just been a fortnight since my return to the college . Mother warned me against this thing called swine flu and advised me all the necessary precautions . She took special care to remind me again and again not to go to Delhi . One thing that I learnt by heart while boarding the train that there are few “H1N1” viruses lurking around in Lucknow Mail trying to locate me . 😛

Two days ago , I got few urgent phone calls from a number of family members and was informed that I need to accompany my cousin to Varanasi the day after . At this point , nothing but the handkerchief in my hand was troubling me . I knew what was going to happen if anyone caught me sneezing . 🙁

Everything that I feared came true . While in the train , my cousin took care to inform everyone across the country that something’s wrong with me . And as soon as I stepped in Varanasi , I was sent for a blood test ( my precious blood all gone 😥 ) and many other blah-blah tests .  😡   . Some two hours of torture and what does that results to ? All the reports were exceptionally ordianary . I was like ” Dekha … I told you ” . But the doc seemed to have his own plans . He advised me three days complete bed rest for PRECAUTIONARY reasons . And hence , right now I am back in Lucknow .

Does size really matter ??? Even something as small as a swine can create such a terror in our mind which even a hydrogen bomb can not .

P.S. In these times , even normal influenza could prove to be as deadly as H1N1 . 😡