All izz Well …

This movie doesn’t need any introduction . I always look upto Aamir Khan to come up with a gem every year and this year too , he has not disappointed me . “3 Idiots” is based on the novel “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat and is one of the , if not the most awaited movie of this year . The movie is “awesome” , “marvelous” , “fantastic” and any other positive adjective that you could associate with it .

Well there is not a single scene in the movie where you will find yourself bored , or even experience a bit of interest-loss . The movie has a lot more of “FPS” in it then I expected . All the songs are so well timed and the supporting cast ( Sharman , Madhavan , Boman and Kareena …. apart from Aamir , everyone was in supporting role . The guy gets all the limelight for himself 😛 ) has played their part brilliantly . All the events are well chained and its clearly visible that everyone has put in a lot of effort in the making .

If you are an engineering , or even a college student , you will obviously find an additional attachment with the movie . God I loved what happened with the Rattu-Tota (muggers ) in the movie . A clear proof of how useless exams can be and how useful Vodka can be in the real context   😛  .

Final Verdict : I will rate it 4.5 /5 . I bet you will be laughing all the way through the movie ….. Shows are running houseful all around the country . So go and get your tickets booked now . “3 Idiots” is a must watch . 😀

~~!! Spoiler Alert !!~~

P.S. There was just one flaw I found in the movie . In the end , the new born kid to Mona Singh ( Jassi ) was not crying and was not even showing any signs of movement . Everyone thought he was dead . But then someone said “All Iz Well” and the baby kicked Aamir . Then everyone started singing the same song and the baby came back to life . lol . Some “Bollywood Spice” in the end .  😛

The return of the Demon

You know what was the worst thing that happened with my room neighbor last fortnight ???

He studied days and nights for the sessionals , slept late , woke up early and gave up on all the possible means of entertainment . To sum it up , he was no sports for those three days and was no better than a living dead . And just the night before the sessional , this news came . We could see it coming for past one week and knew it would happen sooner or later , only that we were not certain about the exact date . The college was closed for the next one week and the hostels were supposed to be shut down within one day , courtesy to “Swine Flu” .

The things built up very nicely that night . As usual , Mr. Nerd was having his private meeting with the books and I was preparing for the next day , when I was supposed to start the preparation for exams  😛   . Right then , a news was spreading very rapidly all over the hostel . A final year guy was tested positive for H1N1 and was sent for a re-test .

We were speculating a reaction from somewhere when a messenger junior came to my room and asked to make my way to the ground . Apparently someone organized a gathering in the ground and within minutes the mass started moving towards the warden’s room . I doubt if warden didn’t considered it a nightmare when he saw around 300 students gathered outside his room at 2 in the night . Immediately chairman was informed and a notice was circulated everywhere . College was closed and sessionals were postponed .

I am still not sure whether it was a fear of H1N1 or the exams that initiated this movement . I guess it was more out of exams than H1N1 . Going by the students’ psychology , they would choose H1N1 over exams anyday . Next day , everyone was home and that too , with an official reason .

“Mom !!! I prepared so hard for the exams and never wanted them to be postponed . But the management didn’t left us with a choice . They all are such bullies  🙁  “

Of Assignments and Exams ….

“The students of RKGIT are hereby informed that the third sessionals are compulsory for everyone . Absence in these sessionals will show up adversely in the internal marks (Teacher’s Assessment) ….. SIgned : Dean”

There is a very fine margin between advice and threat when it comes to my college management . All this while they were found saying things like “This sessional is for your own good”…”This is will prepare you for your exams”…“After writing this sessional you will turn into Cindrella” … and suddenly one day they sprung up with this notice.

Imagine a common man , returning to the hostel with a reservation ticket in his hand , conjuring all sorts of plans of packing and never coming back , who suddenly confronts this notice . Won’t will he be shocked , disappointed , petrified , blood thirsty and furious . Obviously he will be .

Only a day back this common man was found mocking all other common men who missed their earlier sessionals and were bound to appear in this one . And now where did he stand ??? Nowhere but on the same stage where the mocking will continue ,  he being the subject this time .  🙁

And as if this was not enough . The next day , a postman , clown , bookworm , teacher’s butter boy , a common studious man was found rushing towards our room with two sheets in his hand . The sheets which looked ordinary and harmless from a distance turned into monstrous pieces of life sucking documents when looked from close . They were one of those  most dreaded assignments , and icing on cake , we were supposed to complete and submit “in person” . According to the yet another verdict , defaulters were supposed to be penalised with low internal marks .

Even if you commit one murder or two , the punishment will still be the same . And whenever such a situation occurs , when you got to choose from these two sets : …….. {studies , exams , assignments } and {bunks , go and get some life , **** exams , here I am coming , Home !!! 😀 } ….. the latter always holds the priority and the best argument that stand in favor of the latter is that “Books , studies and exams are only “Moh – Maayas”” …. you just got to remind your stupid heart that ” All izz well .. All izz well ” … even if it is not well , not by miles ……  :mrgreen:

P.S. Currently I am blogging from my desktop , which obviously implies that I am home … Yayyyy !!! 😀 … and I am bunking my sessionals … and my parents thinks I am back on pre semester preparation leave (though they grew suspicious when I told them I haven’t brought any book and preparation leave isn’t made for studying but for relaxation of our much stressed cerebrum ) 😀

P.P.S. Though I sound so brave , I am not . I have started my quest for a medical certificate . Wish me luck .  :devil:

P.P.P.S. I have interviewed recently by this site called Speak Bindas . Read my interview HERE . 😀