Straddling a fault line

Everytime there is a sudden eruption in decibels , it reminds me of the madness that convulsed in the hostel two days back , an incident of whom I am a bonafide victim of . The uninterrupted bangs on the doors , accompanied by an array of angry voices and oaths that swore that the inhabitant of the room will surely be taken out and seriously dealt with , marked the most talked about event of this semester ( which has just begun , and that too , on a very very high note )

Let me take you two days back , right to the scene of the crime . It was past midnight and I was busy trying to make my room look a little human before going to bed . It was precisely when I switched the lights off that I heard a series of raged voices coming from a distance . My instant response was that someone must be having a late birthday celebration ( which is often the case when the birthday boy hides somewhere in order to escape the beating , and later when found , is thrashed over and over and over ) .

I tried to divert my attention from the distant sounds , went to bed and was analyzing the whole day in my mind , waiting for my brain to drink the sweet juice of delirium . The day which was very much like the usual , except the evening scene , which witnessed a fight between few final and pre final year students . In a way , this fight could also be classified under “usual” since my college has very much turned into a wrestling arcade , where everyone thinks that he is the only lion in the jungle , where everyone is hungry to prove his dominance , where a senior is no more a senior and a junior is no more a junior , not for few of them atleast , a few of them who can always be seen instrumenting ways to get into a “scene” as frequently as possible .

Thuddd … Thuddd … Thuddd … Someone was banging at the door just next to my room . The action was repeated quite a few times . By now , I was back into the real world and I knew , I had to again work hard to go to sleep . Furious and irritated , I made my way to the door , ushering the curses to both the parties involved ( both , the person who occupied the room and was being too lazy to open the door , plus the doer of the action who , obviously was parted with his quota of patience off late ) .

Call it my luck , or call it their bad luck . Just when I was about to open the door , my enire room vibrated with the clang of the rod which made a contact with my door . Perplexed , I stood there for a moment or so , trying to reflect upon what has just happened , what could have happened or what would happen if I still open the damn door . BAAANNNGGGG …… before I could come to any conclusion , there came another shot , which was followed by many more of its kind . They were going for the wreckage . They were quite sure that the only way they can get their hands around me is by breaking the wooden partition that stood amidst their WMDs and my flesh .

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Reality behind the reality shows

Television is certainly witnessing a change right now . The online media is flooded with an array of reality shows at the moment . Ranging from the capture of someone’s private life to the live screening of someone’s Swayamvar , nothing is personal in this age . And even though you will find everyone criticizing this new surge in shows based on the (un)scripted format , everyone is glued to the reality shows right now .

People are watching these shows so that they can criticize them . They are watching these shows so that they can find a loophole and possible a point to prove that afterall , they are not exactly ‘real’ . Both the ways , these shows are successful in achieving what they intend to , and that is TRP . TRP , the magical word itself . An average viewer loves to plunge into the fake real world with organized situations and shots taking note of every move of the assumingly unaware participants . And that is the exactly the plus point these reality shows are actually feeding upon .

The term ‘reality’ used for these shows can be quite a misnomer as most of these shows are pre planned , well rehearsed and not natural ( in plain terms , fake ) . The so called ‘Swayamvar’ is a live demonstration of this fact . A swayamvar means a marriage . But do we get to witness one at the end of the swayamvar . No we don’t .

Take an example of the live singing competition . Well , its more of a competition between the judges than the participants . The trailers are flooded with the arguments between the world famous music directors , and though deep inside we know that its all well planned , we still wait and wait and finally we watch the show , just to know what exactly did happen , what exactly was planned , what exactly they quarrel for afterall .

Its an unreal real world . A world we love to enjoy . The only problem with these shows is that they call themselves the “Reality Shows” . Otherwise , they are more entertaining and worth watching than any other daily shop , which are even more disgusting . Atleast here our imagination can take a flight and we can assume our self to be in the shoes of people we see on the screens , and can be optimist enough to be in their place in the subsequent episodes .

Selfless Love … Does it exists ???

Love : a feeling so sacred & divine …… so pure & intense …… so heavenly & personal ….. yet the need of the hour has compelled us to question its viability as a selfless one.Our society has undergone massive changes from the time when love used to be a feeling not a commodity.But none of these changes can justify the absence of the “selfless” texture of love.

Love stories like that of Romeo-Juliet,Soni- Mahiwal,Heer-Raanjha,Laila-Majnu are simply stories in the context of the scenario we are living in.If any of these pairs existed today Romeo’s love would have been influenced by a lot many factors like Juliet’s financial,professional,intellectual status that could compliment Romeo’s social standing.This conclusion that I have drawn is purely imaginary because the task to estimate the impact of today’s professionalism on the people whose love has unanimously been marked “eternal” is herculean.

The form of love that has been considered the most selfless and sacred has also been put to test in this era that we denote by the name:Kalyug …. the name that itself provides an indication of the significance of feelings like love.It was the mother’s love which was believed to be much more than a profit and loss statement,which never knew the meaning of benefits,which only knew giving,which was considered next or almost equivalent to God’s own blessings.But how frequently now we come across the incidents of mothers brutally murdering their own children for the sake of money,property or any materialistic affair.When this form of love has lost its selfless texture what can one expect from the other forms.

Lets talk about our own generation.What promises and commitments we make to the girls we wish to woo.We convince them that we are ready to deliver every bit that is required to prove our love as the one that is different from all others but the bitter reality is that we simply do all that to get that girl and forget everything that we promised as soon as the girl is officially ours and no matter how hard i try i simply don’t find any thing as selfless in this process.

All that i have stated in this post is a generalization of the things that i see around,incidents that i come across and conclusions that i have drawn …. Many readers may not agree with my verdict as they may feel that they are the carrier of self less love but deep down within each one of them knows that the certain element of truth that this article portrays cannot be neglected or put aside.I wouldn’t provide you with the suggestion or motivation of turning things upside down but I would seriously wish for the things to change and what a great sense of satisfaction it would be if i would be able to bring about one by this post…..Wishing you a selfless love ….. forever !!!!!!

Respect the Royalty

Look into these eyes ??? What do you see ??? Don’t you see the royalty ??? …. the integrity ??? …. Don’t they reflect the arrogance carelessness of the king ??? …. Doesn’t that transfixed glare fill you up with respect for this flamboyant and magnificent creature ??? …. I am sure they do .

But do you see audacity in his eyes ???? …. No ….. You can’t . Because there ain’t any . He is scared . Our national animal is scared . The creature , the very sight of whom in the wild is enough to give anyone goose flesh , or even a heart attack , can be scared of whom ???? ….. Who can be more dangerous then him ???? …. You know the answer . He is afraid of us . He is afraid that someday , when he is out to hunt , he might become a prey , rather than a predator . He is afraid that one day his name will be remembered alongside mammoths and dinosaurs . He is afraid of extinction , afraid that his very existence will be wiped out from the face of this planet .

Its high time that we leave him alone . Only 1411 tigers left and if we don’t put a stop to our methods , it will not take much time to reach the 0-mark . Sooner than later , zoos will be the only place where he will find himself secure . Until and unless we launch a staunch support to our national animal and until and unless we learn to respect all the creatures of Mother Nature , HIS condition is not going to improve ….. not even a bit . And we are going to lose this part of our heritage forever .

Lets help him . Lets support our tigers , do whatever we can . You can make the difference . Join the movement >>

Future of Hockey in India ???

It appears as if it was only yesterday when everyone was all fired up to support the Indian National Hockey Team in their venture ( The World Cup ). And today , when things didn’t turn out to be quite as well as planned , everything has backfired . People are even saying that this is exactly the reason why hockey is treated the way it is in India .

Certainly , it was an aberration to see everyone so pumped up for the World Cup ( that of hockey and not of cricket ) . The initiative that Hero Honda took was appreciable ( being the sponsors they had to ) . Indians were fantastic in their first match against the arch rivals . They literally crushed them on their way to the victory . But then came the bad patch . To start with, Indian forward Shivendra Singh was suspended for three matches ( which was later reduced to two ) . The incident itself was enough to put the dressing room’s mood off . And then came the series of defeat in the next three games , which meant they were ousted from the competition . In the end too , they had to be content with a mere draw against the Proteas .

Every cloud has a silver lining . Atleast we didn’t end up at the bottom ( and moreover , we were ahead of Pakistan 😛 ) . India was never considered a runner for the trophy , even a place in the semis was a big ask . And now when the curtains are finally down , everyone is suddenly seen debating on the topic >> “Hockey : National Game or National Shame” .

The game which have brought many glories to the country ( long before cricket became a religion ) can never be considered a national shame . Its just going through a rough patch . Remember Cricket World Cup , 1999 ??? India lost all the matches in the super six stage except one . They managed to beat Pakistan there too . And the way they were greeted back at the airport was nothing less than a welcome befitted for the Cup . The scene is somewhat the same this time , but the response is not . Double Standards ???

Anyways , fickleness runs within our blood . If today we are criticizing someone , tomorrow we would be all praise for him . Indian Hockey can now only go up from this stage . We have got nothing to loose , only to win . Cheers 😀