Life in full “FORM”

So my stay in Lucknow has finally come to an end . And looks like “Indra Dev” has been making few conscious efforts to bid me goodbye in a rainy style . Its been raining cats and dogs since the last few days . And I am more than ecstatic to be at the receiving end of this awesome treat 😉 . Plus the thing which I am really proud of is that I have successfully managed to incorporate this rule “Carpe Diem” into my daily life . No wonder people have started calling me careless … a swashbuckler …. But what I say is that just replace this term “careless” with “carefree” … and here I stand .

One of the things which really got me plodding through my everyday “buzzy busy” schedule was the filling of the IIFT form , not to forget that this was the first form which I filled myself ( yes .. first in my lifetime … because my father took care to fill all my Engg forms for me , while I could just lay back and worry just enough to sign them … But he decided that enough was enough … and its high time that I learn some responsibility … ) ….

So there we were … The application form sitting idle right in front of me on the computer screen …. Few glares passed amidst us … Then finally I decided to carry on with the proceedings . Fast and furious as I am , it hardly took two minutes to get done with this thing .

Head held high , eyes filled with immense pride , with a feeling of conquest , I presented the printout to my father ( Look Dad ..!!! There is new born perspicacious Harsh standing right in front of you ) …. But within a second , the wall was brought down , that astute look disappeared from my face … Father gave me a deride look , and took special care to point out all the three fields I filled incorrectly … Damn !! I also misspelled my college’s name …. Optimism prevailed … Thankfully , I didn’t misspell my father’s name … That being the case , I am sure I would have been ousted from the house that very night ..!!!

Act I Scene II … I called up IIFT people … They took in my application id and did the necessary amendments … I reviewed each of them carefully and this time , the printout was free from any ambiguity … Took the printout and mailed the damn form … But the world came upside down , when yesterday , while checking my form status , which was abnormally displaying “Application printout not yet received” for the past few days … I saw the key words … “ only through a registered post / courier / speed post “ …. No points for guessing , I mailed it via a standard post …. And when I told them ( my family ) about this … They were not angry … They were not criticizing me … Infact , they were laughing … they were mocking me … and trust me … I would prefer criticism , anyday , to sarcasm , seriously …

But my dear friends , the story is yet to conclude …. I couriered a brand new copy of the form today … 😀 😀 😀 … And guess what … I didn’t sign it …. Yayyy ..!!! … Now please stop laughing and be kind enough to pass on a few words of encouragement …. Trying hard to shuffle away the feeling of despondence that’s been gripping me so tight since this morning , I am going to give it an another try ( there is no other option I guess … ) … Guys .. Wish me Luck ..!!! Hope it turns fourth time lucky … 😛 😛 😛

Life is a journey … full of peaks and valleys … and we learn from our experiences … And did I learn something from this episode ??? …. The hell I did … And one thing is for sure … I am not committing any such mistake again … ( Hopefully … Touch Wood !!! ) … 😉

The great Sri Lankan Tamasha

So once again , Cricket seems to capture the limelight all across the country . Not because India defeated Lanka in an important encounter . Not because India managed to gain a bonus point . But because of this latest controversy which has been trending all over the headlines for the past two days now .

The “no-ball” fiasco has achieved a lot more of attention than it deserved . Or is it ??? … There is no point denying that the no ball bowled by Suraj Randiv was deliberate . Dilshan incited him to do so and none of the Sri Lankans cared to put a check on this ( It’s ironical that they have been winning “Spirit of The Game” award for two consecutive years now … I assure you they won’t win a third one in a row 😛 ) …… Agreed that everything was done within the rules . Agreed that Indian won in the end , and that’s what matters the most . Agreed that the whole drama was “a bit” hyped . But one thing that has surely come out of this incident is that cricket is far from being called the “Gentleman’s game” anymore …..


This might have been an impulsive decision on the part of Randiv . But the shame that it has brought upon Lankans’ face is irrevocable . Plus Randiv’s suspension and Dilshan being penalized have put a stamp on the fact that Lankan Board has accepted that it was all too deliberate . The apology won’t bring back a well deserved century for Sehwag . But the whole issue is a lot more than Sehwag’s century .

This “childish” act has , for sure , got most of the Indian fans fuming . What’s more surprising is the argument Sangakkara has come up with in his latest press conference . According to Mr. Sangakkara , the issue should not have been sensationalized as much as it was and it’s the responsibility of both the teams to keep up with the spirit of the game . Now just hold on . This guy is now blaming Indian side for not holding up with the spirit of the game . That’s just plain ridiculous . First you commit a mistake and then you blame others for pointing out that mistake . Sangakkara needs to take some time out to gather his thoughts . He seems to be devoid of any rationality right now .

Damage has been done . Not Sehwag … Not Randiv … Not Dilshan … But Cricket has been the ultimate loser in this whole fiasco . Now the best that could be done is to leave the issue right where it is now and move on . Sri Lanka is already ashamed by this whole incident . A livid Sehwag should calm down and focus on the next game and a baffled Sangakkara should stop playing the blame game that he has resorted to of late … This has shown us one of the many “loopholes” that still exist in the rules … Lets see if ICC does anything about it …

Now to think of it , I have highlighted all the important components of this incident … and I have also pointed out what should they do from now on …. But I left out the most important factor … The one factor , to which I dare not give any advice …. “The Media” … According to them all the Sri Lankan players are “Ravanas” … Dilshan is ” Aastin ka Saanp” … According to them ,what Malinga did to Tendulkar at Cuttack was also deliberate … They think that it was wrong on Sri Lankan Board’s part to give such a lenient punishment …. They think that it’s all a part of very well fabricated master plan against Indians … They think , they think and they think … That’s all they do … Well can’t hope to find any rationality in there thinking … neither am I going to make any efforts for the same … Just two words for them … “You Rock” ….  😉

Time Out

Hey folks … Look who is back …  😉  … Missed me all this while ???? … C’mon speak up …… lol .. So I am going to presume that you did miss me ….

Okay .. Enough of prating … There was a reason behind my absence for so long ( though I kept apparating back and forth at fixed intervals ) …. I was , somehow , under the impression that I need to alienate myself from anything and everything that could act as a means of distraction in the so called laborious process I was undergoing …. But its better to live a short life on an island than die a centurion in a cave …. Thanks to some serious advice I was given , I have understood  that in order to taste the success , I need to love the process … the every tit and bit of it … the very gist of it … and stop treating it as a burden rather than something engrossing …. And guess who was the one behind this golden advice …. None other than my alter ego …  😉

So here I am … Many things have changed since we last met … This interval was nothing different from the usual “Life” … Marked by many ups and downs … Peaks and valleys all the way through … Many faces unveiled … Many misconceptions cleared … And most importantly , a hell lot of new people in my life ( yes you , all of my “bootcamp” friends ) …

Once out of the school , I never thought I would experience any such thing as Summer Camp ( though the CL faculty termed it as a “Boot Camp” ) … The classes were scheduled from 9 to 7 .. for 21 days( I know that makes you say things like OMG and WTFH .. ) … Same was my reaction … How the hell these 21 days will pass …. Jai sir had a logic behind all this … According to some XYZ medical research , if you do a particular thing for 21 days in continuum , it becomes your habit …. And obviously , he was trying to assimilate this stuff called “studies” into our routine … Fair enough ..!!!


As it turned out , I never knew how these 21 days flew away … very much like everything , it ended before it hardly started … Amidst the quantitative aptitude , we were adding up the people in our friends list ( not virtual , but real 😉 ) …. Amidst all the verbal ability , we were having the time of our life interacting with each other …. On one hand , we were inculcating the basic skills required for interpreting data , and on the other , we were mocking away all our worries in air … The logical reasoning never appeared to be so logical until then ….. Learning can be fun .. yes it can surely be .. And this is what Jai sir knew perfectly well …. He knew , all the way , what he was doing and boy did he do it well …!!!!!

The process which appeared to be intolerable at the inception , turned out to be a roller coaster ride in the end …. A ride with a lot of twists and turns … Twist was when I found out that I have a crush on someone … Turn was when , later , I discovered that she was already in a relationship ( :heartbreak:  😛  ) …. And guess what … One of my batchmates bet on the fact that I would not skip coaching even if someone offered me a free movie …. lol … Turned out that she lost the bet and I won a free tour to the nearby theater .. Looks can be quite deceptive you see …. I might fare well in the tests but that doesn’t go ( by a long way ) to show that I am a book worm ( though I admit that I was one , once ) …. Anyways , a free movie is a free movie … Lady Luck … Keep showering these fortunes over me .. 😀 😀 😀
Now on a serious note …. CAT is approaching … and that too very fast …. There is a positive plus a negative aspect about my preparation , as of right now  …. The negative aspect is that I am lagging behind in few areas … And the positive aspect … The positive aspect is that I know that I am lagging behind in few areas  😉  …. I just need to buck up and see it through right until the very end …. Its a hard nut crack … But some things in life come without a shortcut , this being the one  … 🙂