The Sun

I tried staring at sun for as long as I could … The vision started blurring away gradually … But I didn’t close my eyes … A point came when I was not able to see anything but just a vast pool of intense energy … I still battled hard … And a point came when it was all beyond my control and I have no other option but to give in … With tears in my eyes I left the arena and retired back to my room … It took me some time to open my eyes … Then some more time to get back to the normal vision … But the sheer impact that the Sun’s charisma had on me is still all over me ….

And how aptly could this event be related to the current scenario of my life … The only difference is that there are lot more than one Sun in my life … All of them have been dazzling me with their mere presence for so long … And I have been playing this gane with them too … A game in which I don’t want anyone to win or lose … But few things are never in your control are they??? … Just like I gave in to the Sun, I have to give in to the circumstances … In a mere two weeks for now I have to leave this arena … I have to leave this college …

It would take me some time to open my eyes … Then some more time to get back to the normal vision … But the sheer impact that these Suns’ charisma have had will be all over me for ever and ever and ever ….

The Pole Star

With all the pollution that Ghaziabad has managed to muster up as a side effect of the tag of one of the fastest developing cities of the country, I was actually surprised to see such a clear and bright sky tonight. I could actually see the pole star today. You might say “Big Deal” … but a place from where even Saptarishi is rarely visible, this view was quite an exception. And the way it was twinkling, I don’t know why but it appeared as if it was dying to tell me something, may be a piece of advice or may be it wanted to be a secret-keeper for me, one who could readily agree to make an unforgivable vow to me. Don’t know why but all the while I was sitting on the terrace I found a friend in that lonely star. It was like a mirror replica to me at that moment. Thousands of light years away from me, still there was so much similarity between both of us. Lonely as we were, I found a solid company in that star. The very look that it was giving me was so deceptive, apt in hiding its real form, so shiny yet so different from what it portrayed. Funny little star.

Did that star care about what the other millions and zillions of stars were thinking about it at the moment. Did that star care about whether those seven stars which have been pointing towards it since eternity were true to it. Or did that star care that the dawn was drawing in and it’s only a matter of time before it has to set. I think it did. But I also saw a zeal and enthusiasm reflecting from it’s very form ( real or fake am not very sure about that). The zeal that said that it don’t have to risk it’s shine for what other fools were thinking. The enthusiasm that told him to keep a lot of trust and faith in its close ones. And the very spirit which reminded it continuously that there is a dusk waiting to follow up the dawn that’s approaching, and it only has to set to rise again, with the same spirit, with the same shine, with the same valor and pride that makes it one of the most beautiful creation of the night sky.

Life is so funny and unfair at times. But you just need to be like that pole star to tackle the most difficult of situations. Integral, solid, confident, proud, carefree and most importantly, shining all the way.