A Day out of the life of a Common Stupid Student

Appears as if 12 to 6 in the night morning is the only time when I could find myself cent percent active and dedicated to whatever I intend to do. And then at this time I tend to do things which I find real interest in. The reason being that my brain and my heart is in a relationship, a very peculiar one that is. My brain being the male half and hence is always forced to give in whenever he has an argument with his girlfriend. And as a direct consequence my studies, assignments and the other so called productive stuffs has to take a beating and I find myself doing something like blogging, playing around with the apps on my phone, learning different languages, going for a walk around the pond with my ipod in full throttle (trying to spot a snake or two) and so on. In a way these 6 hours comprise the busiest part (or should I say the only busy part) of my day.

I don’t have any complaint with what I do in this time. Had I had a regret about it, I wouldn’t have been writing this post. The major problem is a peculiar and creepy thing that happens to me right when the clock hits 6 in the morning. My energy level falls from 100 to 0 within a matter of microseconds, and you could find me take a transit from a mad and uncontrollable hooligan to a dozing oaf lying flat on his back on his bad, as if sleeping was the only thing he was born to do. I have been doing a lot of R&D as to what exactly causes this to happen. Is it the stupid croaking of the crows that gives a sensation of a lullaby to my eardrums? I don’t think so. Or am I so addicted to the sound of the construction going on just beside my room that I am unable to sleep in the absence of this very irritating and very idiotic sound? Certainly not. It got to be something physiological. There isn’t any apt description to this process which has, of late, turned my life into a graph marked by analog signals. It’s either 1 or 0.

Then imagine a poor little boy who has just gone to sleep early in the morning is forced to wake up at 9 to attend the class. And that too by the very weird alarm tone of his which happens to be the title track of Mangal Pandey- The Rising. I couldn’t find a better ringing tone to literally irritate me out of my sleep. And now this very interesting feature of the alarm clock termed as “snoodge” comes into the picture. Every time pressing the snoodge button gives you such an immense amount of pleasure and satisfaction that it can not be expressed. All this while there the two personalities within me keep on debating whether it would be prudent to get up and attend the lecture or just keep lying at the same place (which appears to be no less than heaven) and let your body get some rest (Health comes first afterall).  And before even you have realized it’s already 9:30 and you are already late. Now this is a moment of 5-7 minutes when I regain my complete energy level and give my everything for the accomplishment of the mission (which is minimizing the time by which I am late and reaching the classroom with few breaths to spare). Somehow I manage to reach the classroom (just for the sake of attendance).

Now if you are thinking that I have seen through the most difficult part by reaching the classroom then you are certainly wrong. The real test comes now. The time when you are completely unconscious and even though you are in such a pitiable state, you are supposed to sit there, complete your sleep without giving the professor even the slightest of hint, be lightning quick to respond if a question is thrown at you and keep on dreaming of the time when the class would be over and you would go back to your bed. But life isn’t that easy is it? At times you will not be allowed to enter the classroom on the pretext of sheer indiscipline, lack of sincerity and in certain cases a planned script to disrupt the ambiance of the temple of knowledge. There are bound to be times when the ever so hippy dialogue “You are physically present in the classroom but your mind is somewhere else” is supposed to bounce in and you will be instructed to leave the classroom and go on a voyage to search for that holy place where your mind was occupied all the while. And last but not the least, there would be times when you would be spotted replying to a text, asking your neighbor for a pen, trying to peep in the professor’s watch for time, and you would be sent out very unceremoniously.

Now your reaction to this disrespect shown at you directly depends on the time you had already spent in that 3 hours class. If the time is somewhere around 1 hour or less, you would still be found going back with a glee on your face, humming songs, very happy over the fact that you would actually be able to sleep now and it’s something which your inner self won’t blame you for. But if the time is substantially over one hour. Uh-Oh. That would be a time when you could actually relate to that very famous saying “Dhobhi ka Kutta na Ghar ka na Ghaat ka”. Neither did you get the attendance nor is there enough time to get hold of a sleep now. Chapter closed.

Then you get a lunch break. This is a time when your energy level returns to you for some extent. But it’s something like the silence before the storm. The matinee show is just about the start. This post-lunch session in the class could be easily ranked among one of the toughest challenges you would face in life. The energy drops below the base line and the entire class could be found struggling just to maintain a straight posture. Even the professor could be seen relating to student’s dismay and hence no one is kicked out of the class in this period (unless you decide to completely cross the line and use your desk as a pillow to migrate into the kingdom of dreams). And to add on to this slumber, this is a scientifically proven fact that the clock moves the slowest at this particular phase of the day. Ages of torture it is from 3 to 6.

But courage of human prevails. Somehow you cross the dungeon full of atrocities and injustice. It’s the end of the day. You could actually go back to your room and execute all the plans to sleep that you were busy framing the entire day. But once again the peculiarity of human mind comes into the picture. Your energy level is back to an exceptionally high level and suddenly you want to go out, roam around, do some happening stuff and blah blah blah. At this time you would actually be doing everything that’s completely opposite to whatever you planned for in the morning (this too is an unproductive stuff). You come back to campus after dinner and then decide that the entire night is yours and you can actually afford to kill some time before doing something productive. A few songs, a few movies and a few downloads here and there and all of a sudden it’s 12.

The Midnight. And then you very well know what happens. Just re iterate the loop.

Try .. Test .. Adapt

Do unto others as you do unto you … A very old saying isn’t it? .. One of our very own which we use to pass on to others .. One of the thousands of ingredients from our intellectual cart which we rarely use .. But frequently pass on to others …

Well did it ever happen to you that someone approaches you for an advice to his or her problem … You were all ears and after listening to the problem you were like “OMG … Such a trivial thing and you are ruffled by it?? Unbelievable” … And then you become all philosophical, give out real life examples, inspire the other person to be brave, take it to be destiny, stop thinking about what has happened as it can’t be changed and blah-blah-blah … And a few days later you are hit by the same problem and all your preachings, all your philosophy, all your practicality and all your rationality goes to drains and you find yourself caught in an undertow, transfixed and helpless … The same question to which you had thousands of solutions a week back appears to be impossible to solve now …

Then why do we do it? … Why do we try to console someone even when we know that being there, we would have done the same … Why do we say but never realize that after all “it’s easier said than done” …

When I gave it another thought I found quite a few explanations to this irrational human behavior … May be when we approach someone for help, that’s not one of our primary concerns … We are not exactly looking for a piece of help or advice … All distressed and gloomy, solitude appears to profound the effect and hence all that we need at that particular point of time is to be heard, to have someone to empathize with you, to realize that there is someone who is by your side even during the darkest of times…

And there is no perfect solution to any of the problem … It’s all about how you respond when you know that this is a question which will continue to haunt you until solved, and there is no way to solve it … We try something … We test something … And then finally we adapt … And this happens to be the solution most of the times … All the other things that you get as an advice are just a few drugs which help you survive until you are out of it … You never want to solve it on your own … But ultimately you have to … No one can give you an ultimate cure … The onus is always, and always on you ….