Mumbai : No space to breath

mumbai localDisclaimer : This is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. This post is dedicated just to my personal opinion about the subject.

I have never appreciated the crowd in Mumbai. From streets to local train to every place in the city, you will find  bunch of people going in a certain direction to become a part of the enormous crowd that is ubiquitous. They say that this city keeps on moving. Well as an answer to this, I would say that this is a city where everyone is pushed from behind to move, whether he wants to move or not. Continue reading

A Narrow Escape

Car AccidentI got down at the Grantt Road station, took a cab for Jaslok Hospital, to my uncle’s place. Everything went cool and fine. The cab halted at the destination, I got down rather merrily. The meter said 26 INR. I was done with my payment part and just as I stretched my hand inside the front window of the cab to take back the change, a Maruti SX4 just banged into the cab and sent it a considerable distance forward, rotating about its axis. I was stunned by the collision and for a few seconds, I could not comprehend what exactly happened. My brain was too numb to feel the pain in my hand which was caused by this accident. Continue reading

Ever tried being numb?

Have you ever tried sitting by the sea face in sheer chill, shivering all night, looking at sea and letting go your senses?

Have you ever tried walking miles and miles and miles without thinking about your destination or purpose, for that matter?

Have you ever tried forcing yourself to stay awake for days stretched?

Have you ever tried to be mad at everyone around you without any particular reason?

Have you ever tried to convince yourself that you are the only living sample whose life follows Murphy’s law?

Have you ever tried to do something impossible and laugh at yourself for even thinking of doing that?

Have you ever tried to be numb, analogous to a rock, not affected by anything?

Have you ever tried to live your life the way you want it to, go by your heart and not listen to anyone else?

Have you ever tried to be yourself?

I have. And if you have not, try it once 🙂

The stare of Medusa

Guys and Gals. You all should consider yourself extremely lucky that you are finding me alive right now and not turned into Stone statue kept somewhere in the basement of Madame Tussauds. If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh you must have realized what exactly I am talking about. For others, who are still under the impression that this is another one of my not-so-funny jokes, I would like to clarify that this relates to an incident which took place last night, throughout the State, to all and sundry.

Apparently, a rumor went viral yesterday night at 2 AM that whoever decides to stay back in their house would turn into stone by morning. I came to know about all this in the late afternoon. While my mother was furious over the fact that none of our relatives or friend called us to warn about this, my father recalled how he thought two of our neighbors were squaring off against each other late at night when he heard some noise outside. Almost entire colony of ours was out in the streets in the night, few out of superstition, few out of curiosity and rest just to enjoy the moment.

And this is not just the case of our colony, everywhere, from Nasik to Ghaziabad, Varanasi to Pune and Lucknow to Khaalistaan, was out on the streets yesterday. And then they say out ignorance level is decreasing. I am still not sure where was the origin, tried googling it but couldn’t find anything (Shame on you Google :@).


May be Medusa, late in the night, wanted to do something adventurous and decided to invade each and everyone’s house to stare them to the stone-hood. Following this, some Titan must have tipped someone about this incident and he, out of his sheer generosity, passed on the message to his close ones, who in turn decided to the pass on the favor and this telecom age assisted them to the optimum.

I don’t know what caused it and how it all happened. But this funny incident made one thing very clear that we still have a long way to go. These chains of superstitions are still holding us back and we seriously need to do something about it. By the way, if you are getting bored and want to bring the entire city on the streets in a matter of minutes, you know exactly what to do 😛 😉 . Good Luck 😀 😀


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The sheriff is back in Town

home sweet homeAfter a lot of contemplation and driven more by desire rather than any other force, I came back home. Home Sweet Home it is, as beautiful as ever. But I am not sure if I can say the same thing about the city. Lucknow didn’t leave me in its awe this time around. I am not sure what the reason might be. There is nothing wrong with the city, its the very same as it always was.Neither has its beauty lessened nor the etiquette has Continue reading