Big Brother

That awkward moment when you shout at your cousins “For God’s Sake … Stop behaving like kids” … And then comes the sudden realization that they, after all, are kids only …

When things like this start happening … You know that you are in dire need of some rest … Time to go back to NITIE to get some energy tonic … 😉

It’s been almost a month since I visited the campus and my stay at my uncle’s place could well be described by my twitter timeline right now.

My cousin is the biggest fan of #SalmanKhan I ve ever seen … He has recorded Tere Naam on #TataSky & watches it daily … #crazykids

In another instance another cousin of my attempted blocking my nose with cotton while I was fast asleep … Luckily I survived :/ #crazykids

My little bro was playing HP game & wz explaining different spells to me. I wish I could ve told that I used to live wat he plays #crazykids

That awkward moment when your cousins fight for remote and you don’t know whom to support … Coz you want to see a third channel #crazykids

They make me feel so old. I need to behave like an elder and keep giving them gyaan on every damn topic #crazykids

Convincing the cousins to watch horror movies during daytime & reminding them the same post midnight … Awesome feeling 😀 #devilbrotherIam

One fine #Sunday evening, when your cousin wakes u up by splashing a glass full of water on ur face … #crazykids

Well something to pull me out of the #stockmarketwoes … A few years back someone told my that “What goes around comes back around” … And to the ecstasy of every soul whom I tormented my entire childhood, I have been subjected to some taste of my own medicine …

But don’t take me wrong … I am not complaining … Rather I am enjoying it to every bit 😀 😉


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