The Leopard and His baby Simba

It was a beautiful June night. NITIE gleaming with the new faces, full of energy. Snakes occupying the entire pond, threatening everyone of dire consequences should they come anywhere near them. Little do they know that we are habituated and don’t give a shit. After going through a 9 to 6 class in the day, it should be the students who should be threatening, not these snakes. I believe seeing the dead bodies of two 5 feet Russel Vipers just next to the pond the other day, they will surely give it a second thought.

Leaving the reptile story aside, let us come back to this beautiful June night. The incessant Mumbai Rain failed drastically in dampening my spirits as I was out on another one of my late night “Socrates” stroll. There is nothing very exciting about these strolls but something really amazing happened that day. I was standing near the Cricket ground as this guy came running towards me. I am still not sure whether he was walking real fast or running seriously slow. Amidst the heavy rain I was unable to make out who (or what) it exactly was. The pessimist part of me convinced me within a second that this was the same guy who died here years ago and his spirit is wandering around in search of revenge.

Anyways, I was not there to do a thesis on him. I mean I am very open to adventure and everything but only until my life is not at stake. And getting murdered by a ghost is the last thing I want to happen to me. The logic asked me to turn around and run really fast (and if possible, shout. Just to make sure that dogs don’t start chasing you :P). So the rationality won and I turned around, all set for the sprint but then there it was. Another similar figure who was approaching me from the other end. I was stuck amidst the two and I had no other option but to wait there. Only when they came very near did I see that these were the guards. Damn!! Wasn’t it obvious. I have been watching too many Bollywood Movies of late.

So there they stood right in front of me. And before I could realize what exactly they were there for, they started scolding me like anything. I felt like sitting in my bedroom back at home and being scolded by my parents for not completing my homework.

“Where are you from? Why are you here?” … *I am from Lucknow .. Why? .. err .. Supposedly for an MBA??”*

“What exactly are you doing here?” … *Mmmm .. I am a cannibal .. Was planning to eat you guys while you were in sleep .. But Alas you woke up 🙁 *

“Do you want to be killed? Don’t you know you should not come here at this time?” … *Kill me instead of lecturing me .. “Socrates” stroll knows no bound*

And a few more similar questions forward before they came up with something that made my day. Still the very thought of it amuses me.

Guard 1 : Since last one week, a leopard has been visiting this place with his cub.

Wowww!!! It sounded so cute. A leopard with his cub.I have always dreamt of seeing him, and seeing him along with his cub. Icing on the cake.

But why were they here? May be they come here just for a late night walk. May be he is just showing his little one around. May be that is what they do when they are unable to sleep. Or may be it’s another one of those emotional father-son talk, telling him the realities of life, the skills of hunting and a live project for that matter (killing someone like me would do so much good to his CV :P). I guess Mufasa must be telling Simba the same thing “Listen Simba !! This has been the place where I have spent all my life. I have been visiting this place since ever and very much attached to it. I want you to do something that I have been unable to do until now. Make a Kill. Grow up and kill something more than a Dog. I have seen these two legged creature making a group and sleeping at pond while one of them strolls back and forth. Kill them all at one go. NITIE is your playground now” …

I was imagining all this with a smile on my face before the other guard decided to capture my attention.

Guard 2 : Are you listening? Don’t come here at this time of night. Haven’t you been listening to the sound of explosives at night time. We use “ATOM BOMBS” to scare them away whenever they come here”

Whaaatttt??? I mean Whaaatttt??? I know NITIE is for engineers. But are they seriously employing nuclear scientists as guards here? LOL

I know that he was innocently referring to a normal explosive as an Atom Bomb. But just the very thought of an Atom Bomb to scare leopards away. Seriously Man 😛 😉 . Anyways I came back and for sure I am not visiting the place again after 12.

Not because the leopard might kill me. But because the Atom Bomb might.



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