Truly Random

I open my book shelf … Only to find a pyramid of books falling down … Falling with a thud right in front of me … And all they gave me an year back is summoned from my subconscious mind … in a flash of a moment …

I look at my camera lying in a corner of the room … deserted, unwanted and uncared for … And just a couple of years back, it used to be “My Precious” …

My old Nokia phone beeps continuously … the irritating sound of an expected network message … Sometimes back it used to be the loveliest sound in the world for me … Continue reading

Walking down the Memory Lane – The CAT Days

I often go through my e-diary once in a while to remind myself of the things that were and how they have changed now. Today strolling across it I came across a series of posts cribbing about my CAT preparation days, the UPs and the DOWNs, the desperation and the WANT to get “The Thing”. Well I have got “The Thing” now and it’s called NITIE 😀 😀

But still it was a dream two years back. And my diary is a testimony to this fact. Just felt like sharing a few excerpts from this file which contains my entire life 😀 😀

Dated : August 7, 2010 :

My life , right now , is marked by a cadence of emotions . One day I am on a high . The very next day , I fall to an all time low …. And their isn’t a particular reason I can embark upon … There are many , I must confess …

One of those is my preparation for CAT …. I am not scoring very well in motivating myself … It appears as if everyone else knows for sure that I am going to crack CAT this year …. But I am skeptic about the same …. Mocks have been a roller coaster ride … today’s has completely left me baffled …

Until yesterday , I knew that VA was my weak link …. But today ?? .. Today I am not sure if I should tag QA with the same … The 135 minutes , which appeared to be more than enough in last few mocks , have suddenly started looking too contract ….

Today’s performance is something  I would like to forget ASAP …. Got to motivate myself … Got to start devoting some time to QA too … and I seriously need to handle this prestige issue which I encounter more less than often while solving DI ….


Its NOW or NEVER …. Mr. Harsh .. Its DO or DIE time … Don’t let that spirit die .. Its true that you are not the very best right now … But you have got it in you to beat the very best …. And you know it pretty well … Just give it your all … and stop worrying about the failure …. That’s something which is not in ur control … Hard work izzzzzz …. 🙂


With CAT approaching, I can’t help sharing this with everyone. A usual trauma that everyone has to go through. The Burden of Expectations and The Fear of Failure. But I can’t help remembering that this was one of the most, if not the most, critical phase of my life. The phase that taught me to be strong. The phase that taught me how important it is to set a goal and give your sweat and blood to achieve it. The phase that taught me to believe – to believe in yourself, your abilities, your aspirations and your dreams.

All the best to all the CAT aspirants. To those who have been tackling this year after year, you know better than me how to handle it. And to those who, like I was, are facing this humungous strain for the first time, I would advice “Just Close your Eyes. Think about your goal. And Live Eat and Breathe it. Day In and Day Out. And the most important thing. Don’t let the belief in yourself die. Keep the flame Kindling”. All the best folks 😀 😀


Time is Ticking By


Life at NITIE

NITIE – God’s own campus

Time has this unusual thing about it. In a 2 hours class, it appears to take a decade for it to pass by. And otherwise? Otherwise it passes at the same speed at which we used to run after the school used to get over. 5/7 MBA almost done. 5th mod has almost come to an end and I can bet my life on the fact that the next 2 mods will also pass by in a ziffy.

NITIE just witnessed its 17th Convocation. I could look at my super seniors Continue reading

Indian By Birth .. Blogger By Choice

I have been blogging for over 5 years now, and I would not hesitate to acknowledge the fact that never earlier did I feel so proud of being a part of blogosphere as I did today. And all the credit goes to Indiblogger and Nokia. Nokia, for giving us, the bloggers, the credit and opportunity to be a part of it, and Indiblogger, for inviting us to this awesome event.

I have attended so many bloggers meet till date but trust me when I say this – This was, by far, the best event I have ever attended. Call it the ambiance, the hospitality by Nokia and Indiblogger, the ever so awesome hosts in the form of Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni or the awesome IndiBlogger family, the event was one which will continue to be in the mind of every attendee for a long time to come.

Now let me formally introduce you to the event – The Nokia AppTasting. As proficient as it could be and as efficiently organized as one could possibly be. We made sure to reach the venue right on time as we had high expectations from the event, and aren’t we glad that we did it. Right from the theme of the event to the execution of different segments of the schedule, everything was perfectly thought out.

Did you ever imagine that you could bring together technology and food? I am sure you didn’t. And so did I. Never did any such thought even crossed my mind until today, when Rajiv and Vikas blended both of them in such a beautiful way that by the end of the evening everyone was unsure whether to join “Team Foodie” or “Team Techie”.

The event stretched to as long as 5 hours but it was made sure that no one felt bored for even one second. Information combined with perfect sense of humor by our dear hosts Rajiv and Vikas made this as evening to remember for all of us. The Nokia AppTasting kicked of with “30 seconds of Fame”. Random bloggers were called on the stage and had to join either of Vikas’ or Rajiv’s Team (Foody vs Techie). Professional Blogging, Social Media Consulting, Hacking, Cracking and what not. All of this perfectly classified me into Rajiv’s team and wasn’t I dying to see my name being flashed on the big screen and to get a chance to share the same stage with these two wonderful personalities. But luck favors you at times and at times it doesn’t. This time it didn’t favor me and I had to enjoy the warmth of my seat and watch other explain their part of story to everyone. Rajiv!!! If you are reading this I need you to know that I had a lot of witty answers in store for everyone and would have surely forced you to give one of those gifts to me 😀 . Anyways rest assured that I would have been and will always be a part of Team Techie (+1) 😀 😀

Amidst the snacks and drinks, the next part of the event was underway and I could see people slicing onions away in their unique style. We even saw one odd guy slice his fingers away in the process. He didn’t win the bravery award for it though 😛 . But the process told me something about the side of the story of a Foodie to me. I never realized that there could be so many techniques to slice an onions and “Chopping” and “Slicing” were two entirely different concepts :O . But thanks to the Master Chef Vikas, I know this right now. People were awarded for their “Slicing Talent” and I was sitting their with all my fingers intact (Glad I was not chosen as a volunteer for the same :P).

And just when you thought that it couldn’t get better, Rajiv demonstrated such awesome apps to all of us that I couldn’t help wondering why should I not switch back to Nokia. Be it the Charlie Chaplin video or the Morphing Pic Software. Be it the Drunk Test App or the Wine-Food Combo Determiner, an array of awesome apps demonstrated by the Tech-Guru left me googling for it all over the place. And my efforts were only to be stopped by Rajiv and Vikas making their way into the audience. It was the time for “Tell Us You Dream App … And Get Away With Awesome Nokia Goodies”. This was the part which clearly told everyone why the bloggers are considered one of the most creative people. They combined wit with sense, humor with responsibility, foresightedness with reality and technology with sustainability.

An app which could prove as a tool for the perfect voting system to an app which would find a perfect soul mate for you. An app which could list down the corrupt officials to an app which could provide with you the smell and feel of the menu items that the restaurant has in offering for you. An app which could find an auto rickshaw for you to an app which could tell you what exactly a woman wants 😛 . Different People, Different Opinions and Different Aspirations. But the target still remained the same. The greater good for everyone and let out your opinion as loudly as you could. Unfortunately my raised hand still went unnoticed and I could not let my dream app echo in the hall. Still the show was not over and I had a chance to let my presence felt.

The finale was yet to be uncovered and Poonam (Director Comunications, Nokia, who happen to be a great dancer and but didn’t live up to her promise to perform at the end of the day :'( ) and Simran (Communications Manager, Nokia, who is coincidentally a He and not a She) had already announced a great prize for winner of this final gala event. I raised my ever so enthusiastic hand high up in the air and I could bet it was the highest in the hall, but to my dismay I still could not feature amongst the eight lucky chaps who were called on the stage.  Technology and Cuisines combined, the quiz was an enthralling and nail biting one and the winners!!! Well what to say, they went away with a Nokia Lumia each and everyone could just applause and acknowledge how lucky they were to have laid their hands on this perfect phone. Deserving nevertheless, the group of girls went away with appreciations and a wide grin on their face.

I sat there wishing for the event to be extended for another round but it was not to be. May be the luck didn’t favor me. May be occupying a seat in the last row didn’t help my cause. May be I was not enthusiastic enough enough to jump in front of Vikas and Rajiv and force them to let me in. May be May be May be .. I am not sure. But there is one thing that I am completely sure of. And the thing is that I had a hell of an evening tonight and couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday. I have been associated with Indiblogger since almost its birth and consider myself lucky to have spent the 5th birth anniversary of this beautiful concept called “IndiBlogger” with the entire Indiblogger Team. Happy Birthday IndiBlogger 😀 😀

And a special thanks to Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni to spellbound everyone of us with the way they carried us forward throughout the evening. Thanks Poonam, Simran and Nokia for making this possible. And last but not the least, thanks to each and everyone of my Indiblogger Family for making this a memorable experience. #NokiaAppTasting was trending on Twitter today and there is a very strong reason for this. And the reason is all of the above mentioned people. Thank You everyone 😀 😀 😀



A spirit called “Dharavi”

There was nothing very fancy about this Sunday. No group outing, no late night party, no movies. Waking up early at 8, that too on a Sunday, is something I would consider abnormal by my standards. But this Sunday I managed to achieve this abnormality and ain’t I glad that I did it. Of course I am 😀

This was a Sunday that was special. It was a walk to remember. And it was a place to get inspired from.

Thanks to Rashmi Bansal and BlogAdda, I got an opportunity to step out of all my assignments, tasks and a normal Sunday routine to take a tour of Dharavi. It was indeed a walk to remember. Dharavi completely changed the perception that I had of a slum. It might be tagged as “Asia’s largest Slum” but little did we know that it’s one of the industrial vein of the country.

Our tour started with a refreshing South Indian breakfast, a nice little chat with Rashmi and a short intro with the fellow bloggers. Call it our luck, but we got the most awesome guides in the form of Fahim, Tauseef and Salman from Be the Local Tours. Born and brought up in Dharavi itself, we couldn’t have wished for better guides than them.

Dharavi – The Land of Opportunities and one thing that I could guarantee you if you ever happen to visit this place (which I strongly recommend that you do) is that YOU WILL BE INSPIRED. Every single place here is a small scale industry. Just spread around 1.75 sq km area, Dharavi is a home to around 1 million people. And to top all that, it boasts of an annual industrial output of 1 billion dollars. A lot to speak of the industrial atmosphere we have got here.

A land of budding entrepreneurs, no one is scared of trying out new things, a place marked by perfect communal harmony and an excellent community, the thing that struck me the most about the people here was there outlook towards life. We didn’t see even one gloomy face out there. Everyone was self sufficient, self employed, independent and most importantly, satisfied.

A perfect example of Supply Chain and Business concepts. A perfect example of “The Sky is the Limit”. A perfect example of a bunch of people from all across the nation knit together so beautifully. Dharavi reflects Hope. Dharavi reflects Inspiration. Dharavi reflects Ambition. And last but not the least, Dharavi reflects Life.

It was an experience of a lifetime for me and I am so glad I actually made to it. It’s not long since I make another visit to this place. But until then, I am sure you would not like to miss out on making your first visit there. I can assure you it will be an experience to cherish 🙂


Go through this link for a complete description about the Dharavi Walk >>