I like this place

I like this place. A lot of memories have built a mansion around me here. A place not so much made of people as the memories they have left me with.

I was once told this by someone – “There will come an important juncture in your life. The time and the situation I can’t tell but you will identify it once it happen. That will be a test for you. That important test which will decide where forth you take your destiny to. A few difficult decision and a few heart breaking choices will have to be made. All you experiences and learning will have to be summoned to pass through it. All your life will have to be summed up, to pave the way for the rest of your life”.

It all didn’t make much sense back then and it never did until a few days back. But of late I can’t help thinking about all that was said. Was it true? Has that point really arrived now? Is there no escaping it?

There is no answer. There never is an appropriate and perfect answer to this mystery called life. I and only I have to find an answer to this. It ain’t easy though.

I like this place. But I am afraid I have to let it go now.