Say Bye to Student … Say Hi To Banker

Long time No see? 😉 I have been on an extended Writer’s Block and still struggling to make a full time return. In the meantime things have changed a lot around the world. Sreesanth finally made a big impact. Mumbai police has started monitoring what we are downloading (I wonder what they are looking for) 😛 . Infosys shares have taken a lot of beating (Little things like this make you proud of your decision to exit Equity trading). Days come Shit happens and the entire world keeps on moving. And since I am a part of it, things are no different for me 😀

I happen to have this small world of mine filled with my family, a bunchful of idiots, the never ending exuberance and peaks and valleys every now and then. A fun filled ride which continued for six years, starting from B.Tech and RKGIT and ending with MBA and NITIE has come to a halt now. And it’s time to jump into a different ride. The ride they all refer to as the Job Life :O :/ Continue reading