Carnival of Rust

A road would never lead you to any new place if there were no twists and turns. A peak would have lost its significance had there been no valleys. Success, obviously, would have been tasteless without preceding failures. And life. Well life too follows the same rule. An array of emotions. A few ups and downs here and there. Unexpected turns, sudden road bumps. And most importantly, a continuous but not a straight path.

I am caught in an undertow right now. Life is changing at all fronts. Few for good. Few not for so good. And few which might lead to disastrous consequences. It’s like your opponent has dropped a volley at the net for the match point and you are running desperately towards it. Eyes gazed on the ball as it makes its way for a second bounce. Body completely stretched. And your entire life has come down to that single point at that particular moment. To just get that ball on the other side of the net. You don’t know what might come to you next. Frankly you don’t even care. It’s just about winning that brief moment, which will propel you to give just that extra bit once again the next time around. Continue reading