Confessions of a 90’s kid

90s KidI am a 90’s kid. And there are stuffs that we, as a generation, will be the only ones to experience. The days of WWF craze and the Super Mario. Waiting for clock to strike 5 so that you can run out to play. And after coming back, eating whatever your mom gave you really really slow. Because the end of the food meant the study time. Even a 10 minutes extended sleep in the morning now couldn’t match the 10 minutes of those times.

Time passed by and we grew. Tekken 3 became the new craze. Taking transistors to
school to listen to live commentary gave an out of the world feeling. I got my first PC when I was in 11th standard. First encounter with technology at such level, Pentium 4 felt like a dream come true. What more could have a teenage asked for back then. Or wait. There was something actually. A 64kbps Dial-Up connection. BSNL was the savior. Continue reading

Murphy Strikes Back

I am not exactly a morning person. I am the one who has this intense battle in his mantle every morning (of a Weekday of course), just to get out of the bed. Just to convince himself that it’s all about those 5 minutes after waking up. And all the pain will be gone. You will feel like you are reborn. Everything will start looking so promising. And then you see the clock and realize that it’s time to pack your bags. For office of course. No more college days for poor little Harsh now.

Having said that, don’t mistake me for the person who hate Mondays. The long and eventful weekends that I have ensure that I welcome Monday the same way as I greet any other day. But as it happens with every good thing, someone somewhere is waiting desperately to screw up things for you. Something similar happened to me today. Continue reading