Like a Pendulum

Well this one goes back in August 2009. Stumbled upon it while going through my MS OneNote diary. Funny part is that I don’t even remember penning it down. Had to google it to make sure that it’s mine.

For a system,
We make and grind away;
We nurse our rage
Into madness
And our thoughts we repress.

Memoirs and memoirs,
Mirrors and white moons,
This can’t end so soon.

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A Tale of Two Kids

This one goes years back. I happened to be in sixth standard at that time. I still clearly remember that cold January morning. My exams were going on, and as a routine I woke up to revise before appearing for it. It was chilling and I decided to pay the balcony a visit to comprehend exactly how low the temperature really was (There was no google weather in those good old days. Shiver per second was the only unit to gauge the temperature). Anyways, the real reason for me to go there was that there were new born puppies in the colony, and these cute little devils happened to be my particular area of interest.

Something was unusual that day. I couldn’t see these guys nor their mother anywhere around. After having investigated the surroundings for a while, I decided to come back to my books. Just then I heard a little cry coming from somewhere. Had to bend a little over the railing to see what it exactly was. A black pup was caught in the drain line and was helpless. It was normal for these guys to get stuck there. But unlike every other time, there mother was nowhere to be seen for rescue. And he was tired and giving up with every passing moment. His siblings surrounding him from all the side, wagging their tails, unsure of what to do. You could only imagine how that chilled water must be torturing him. I knew I had to step out, and that too without knowledge of my mother, or else thrashing was inevitable for me.

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