A bachelor in the big city

There are these people who think all the South Indians are Mallus. Then there are these people who think that a girl who parties is easy. A major section assumes all the guys wearing spects as nerds. Common stereotypes, aren’t they? I would add just one more victim to this list – A bachelor trying to rent a flat in Mumbai.

Bachelor - Not Wanted

Bachelor – Not Wanted

So you pass out from a B School. Get a nice job in the same city. All set to start your new life. Sounds pretty good isn’t it? No. Not so soon. There is a little twist in the tale. Roti, Kapdaa aur Makaan. Roti – Check. Kapdaa – Check. But what about Makaan? What about it when not a single neighborhood in the area is willing to rent a flat to 3 bachelors. And all the options you get are either too far from your office or just not up to the mark.

A lot of running around and sweating,  not even being given a chance to explain our case, we had to resort to the ever so benevolent brokers for a chance. I swear sometimes I feel like drug dealers and brokers are running this city. They are everywhere but everyone finds it convenient to just ignore them. So I got this broker who helped us land up in a decent society here in Goregaon. And the first thing that our landlady told us was not to create any ruckus. Ok. So no welcome, no handing over the keys, no agreement signing. Just one directive. And that too pretty LOUD and CLEAR.

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The Wine Shop Chronicles

You are walking on a street with your friend, contemplating what happened through the day and trying to decipher the meaning of life, and suddenly this strikes your ears, “Only go to that place where you are respected. If you go to a place where you know you will be disrespected, then my friend you don’t have any self esteem”. So much of Gyaan in just one sentence. I looked at my friend and smiled. It was Friday evening. It was a scene outside a wine shop. It was a conversation between two friends who were totally “set”.

Madhushaala - The Chronicles

Madhushaala – The Chronicles

The sign said “Child Beer”. We knew that we still are children at heart, and one innocent Beer never kills anyone. God gave us the signal and we flashed our way through the mob. A mob where everyone was trying their best to have their voice heard. There are only a few places where everyone is treated equal and this certainly was one of them. Doesn’t matter if you are there to buy a JD or a pawwa, you got to wait your turn. So did we, and meanwhile I tried to scan through the various components which made up this mob.

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