Malshej Ghat – The Land of Waterfalls

Pack your bags. Leave the world behind. Let the clouds show you the trail. And in no time you will find yourself surrounded by a million waterfalls. That is Malshej Ghat for you.

Clouds blocking the rays of the Sun. Blue sky turning gray. Cold water and breeze rushing across your face. And the weather turning you into a poet.

Malshej Ghat is at a 2 hour drive from Mumbai, and the best time to visit this place is – No points for guessing – Monsoons. We left for the place sharp at 6 in the morning. Accompanied by light drizzle and morning radio songs, we started our journey.

What’s so special about this place? Scenes like these, which makes you wonder if you really long to go back to hills, or stick with the Monsoons here. May be you just need to live in the moment. And follow your bliss.

Waterfall - Malshej Ghat

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Postcards from Andamans

It all happened one night, when we stumbled upon a very tempting offer to fly to Andamans on a day which marked the start of a long weekend. And this Independence day, bags were packed, auto replies scheduled on Outlook, and we were ready to be delighted by all the interesting things those were lined up for us. We landed in Port Blair in afternoon and were greeted by the sweet sunshine showering on the crystal clear blue water of Andaman Sea.


1. Stay at the North Bay View

We decided to unpack and put down our anchor at this place called North Bay View hotel. The perks of visiting a place in the off season – You get the best of the places with little price to pay for.

We were just 15 minutes into the place and we already knew that we are their for a treat.



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