A bunch of Hypocrites …!!!

There is no point reminding everyone about the state of education system in our country , right now . The education system which is more concentrated around the marks one obtains rather than the knowledge he gains ( Of course except a few premier institutes …. Mark the word “few” …. ) ….

The fuss that they make about attendance is something which baffles me every now and then . What is the purpose of attending classes ??? … To learn something … ( Pardon .. Pardon .. To learn various tricks to score good marks .. Is it ??? ) …. So that being the purpose of attending the classes …. What if I decide to skip the classes for doing something more constructive ( which , obviously , doesn’t include sleeping ) …. Where lies the point ??? … On one hand they say to few guys that the attendance wouldn’t have mattered had they performed well in academics …. On the other they blame few to be egoistic , self centered and arrogant enough to skip the classes , only because they score well … Seriously …!!!!

Four years have passes by … And I am saying this as loud as possible … I can not recall even a single productive stuff I learnt in those good for nothing classes …. And whatever little I know …. I am courteous to all the classes I have bunked in the meantime ( which gave me ample time to realize that there is a lot more I can make up from this ) …. My attendance is at all time lowest …. but still I can score more than a guy with a cent percent attendance … any bloody given day … !!!!

I am not saying that abandon these classes … I am not saying that the guys who are regular are wasting their precious time ( neither am I denying the same ) … The thing I want to say to these “dealers of education” is that stop making this “attendance thing” a compulsion …. Stop adding more and more bottlenecks to this process … What importance the process holds when the end product is same as you expected … or even better …. Stop sending letters to our home … Stop texting and calling our parents ( they have a life of their own … the thing which you are desperately lacking right now ) … Stop sending warden to our rooms …. and for God sake … stop crying like a little baby ….!!!! x-(  x-(   x-(


  1. Professors are missing students tantrums
    Office Attendant is missing the *wasool*
    Princy hates Sannata in the coll..
    all this made attendance compulsion 😛 😛

    Anyways we live on hope.. so let’s hope “One Day” there would colleges were attendance is of least importance 😉

    • lol .. yeah that might be the case … 😛 😛 .. anyways we , the students , play the critic in our college … keep criticizing them so they are always on their toes .. 😛 😛