Assignment #13 : How to become a Phantom

Objective : To become a phantom by taking active participation in college politics and the random dhishoom – dhishoom moments .

Requirements : A college (obviously) , an incident to account for your entrance in the main arena , few experienced phantoms , DC (Disciplinary Committee)

Theory : If nothing new is happening in your life and you feel an acute need to get into the limelight , the simplest way is to be a part of the dark side of the things . And doing so , you can make an entrance into the mainstage college politics .

Once you enter this field , you can proudly give yourself the title of “Phantom” .

According to Magical Me , a “Phantom” can be described as a “person who can be expected to be involved in any out-of-the-routine activity taking place in your proximity and have a high probability of having his name on any of the suspension letter that’s generated by the management” .

Entering this field is far more easier than surviving here . Once you are in , you get yourself the attention of other Phantoms those already exist there . Here , every Phantom is alone . You got to make your best efforts to peek your nose in all the matters , fights and even the smallest of the quarrels taking place . Once you are successful in creating an issue out of no-issue and then being responsible for arranging the compromise between the two parties  , you can proudly call yourself a “Phantom”.

During the period of recession , when everything is going as per schedule and nothing exciting is in the air , a phantom always stays focussed and tries to be in the news through miscellaneous activities ( eg. banging others on the pretext of not liking their attitude , giving threats to every second person that comes their way , etc )

Properties Of A Phantom

  • A phantom always acts as a Godfather for the upcoming Phantoms .
  • Once a Phantom is ready to take action , he takes part in the continous struggle to be Phantom No.1 and in the process , forgets his Godfather .
  • A phantom always appreciates if someone approaches him for help ( not in studies , ofcourse )
  • If you are a phantom , you need to have a bike (on which you can fly)
  • Phantoms are rarely seen in the college premises .
  • Dhabas = Phantom’s Adda
  • Phantoms rarely reside in hostel . They have their own secret den somewhere in the city .
  • Whenever a DC is set on a phantom , it is a matter of Pride . Though he makes the best of efforts to escape unsusepnded , by accumulating all the possible sources available .
  • A phantom is a phantom’s biggest enemy .
  • Two phantoms having a common foe are the best of friends .

Result : A phantom continues to dominate the political scene until and unless some other phantom forces him to step back .

Precautions : Phantoms are non volatile and can be highly inflammable on disturbing . Maintain extra care while approaching .


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