Assignment # 26 : Mass Bunk

Objective : to convince whole class to bunk a lecture you are not interested to attend

Requirements :  A class with a majority of good for nothing dormant elements , a CR (class representative) who is always ready to get banged , a dumb lecturer , a new release in theatre , few active back benchers.

Theory :

Mass Bunk :

“ The tactical use of the CR ( to convince the fellow muggers ) to achieve your goal of escaping the mental torture that could occur otherwise . This activity is highly appreciated by majority of students and is highly loathed by the faculty and the studious lot . Occasional bunks go unnoticed , but few of them in quick succession will surely get the HOD interested .“

CR :

“The person who is often used by the batchmates as a escape goat when HOD enters the scene . Whatever wrong happens in the jungle, either this person is supposed to have an explanation for that , or else he is a goner . Usually a mugger , one to have a sympathy with “

Back Benchers :

“The masterminds of the jungle , who most often initiate the spark and force the CR to set the jungle on fire . Least interested in study , most of them have a short attendance , the most important component in the bunks ( yet , are never highlighted ) . Usually work in groups and communicate via. code language .”

Result : “A happy bunch of kids going back to do something useful , some to the canteen , others to their respective hostel rooms (all the muggers) and occasionally a few of them head to the HOD to launch a complaint against the anti social elements (carnivores of the jungle) .”

Precautions :

  • Always have a check on how the front row (usually the girls) reacts when the topic is first brought into their notice .
  • Be quick to take your action . If the lecturer appears in the scene , be quick to come back to your position as if you were upto nothing .
  • Always have a control over the CR . An angry CR might lead to 100% classes , which in turn cant get you detained due to short attendance .
  • Play safe . Bunk classes and enjoy life . 😀


  1. want some of my gyaan? 😛
    scene : 2 weeks since 7th sem classes started.

    target : get the class to bunk the 1st hour after lunch on a tuesday for the second consecutive week.

    risks involved : highly hostile evaluation and atmosphere in the class for the rest of the sem.

    process : some person with nick name ‘Su’ wasn’t interested one bit. nothing called CR in his class. He sparked the egos of a few ‘hip hop’ crowd.

    result : whole class saw the female lect entering our 1st floor class from the 2nd floor balcony. all clapped when she came out pissed and a few got caught.

    savior : HOD.(!) he spoke just this “Seems u all mass-bunked for the 2nd time! wteva! go to hell!” (actually, he smiled a bit and winked secretly to a few ppl 😛 )

  2. @latha…..guess !!! 😛

    @ambika….it goes like this….if you bunk you are marked absent….if the whole class bunks , no one is marked absent (cos there is no attendance for that lecture)…. 😀 ….

    @su…. you also seem to have done ur own share of assignment…. 😛 …. well a bunk frndly HOD u hav got …. rock on !!! 😀

  3. hey!….thnx!!
    nw i got to knw…wat is the rapo of a CR in the eyes of the entire cls…
    of being a CR of my cls…..i didn’t ever interrupt in the mass bunk…
    bt after reading ur tag(esp precations)….. should i think abt breaking the mass bunk….??? 😉

  4. lol , I was always the back bencher, plotting how to get everyone to agree :), your post bought back fond memories.
    Sometimes manage to bunk office too, so i’m incorrigible 🙂

  5. i thot a lot abt breaking the mass bunk…and atlast i decided….
    who d hell is intrested in doing…. such sort of…toxic classes.. 😀
    so i ever do my indevidual bunk….bt enjoy the mass bunk too!!!…
    shud my cls mates not feel proud on me(their CR)!!!! 😉

  6. My friends always got me to bunk a lot – I paid heavily at end of term though – not a great idea. 🙁

    Its not enjoyable when you dont get good grades end of year as you are clueless about the course since you didnt attend the lectures. 🙁

    You also get good spanking from the parents!!! Memories!!! 🙁

  7. very good……Harry
    but still u hav to face many problem to attand 2 lectures at one time……remember….autometa nd ooos…..

  8. no spanking from the parents…. 😉 … one of the advantages of living in a hostel :mrgreen: …. and about grades … I will be clueless even after attending all the lectures (the way they teach 😡 ) … so no point attending the lectures 😀

  9. Same happened to me – my teachers were bad too – except Math teacher in first year – the math teacher in final year was the reason i flunked – I did attend some clsses but remained clueless. I didnt get outside help!

    Try to get some seniors to help you out or arrange a private tutor – no other option!