Ooohh laallaa.. Is this what I want..??? : SOTC..”World (INNER.. ;)) Tour”

A guest post by one of my best friends 🙂 Let’s welcome her to the blogosphere. 🙂


It being my first Write Up on a public platform..

“Am I nervous ??”.. 😐 ..Noooo..not at all (But I am having sweaty palms.. :/)..
“Am I bemused/Confused ??” ..Yesss..( that too to the power of Infinity.. :/)..
“Reason ??”.. I am trying to Introspect..the most baffling task.. :'( ( though it seems a duck soup..when it comes to judging others..isn’t??.. 😉 ).

Ok..Cummon..just ask yourselves ..what do you want ..Hmmnn..let me guess the response – BLANK (initially..isn’t? ) then giving a little more stress to our slacken up minds..we come out with exciting answers.. Girls..”A millionaire beau with lady killing who never eyes any other pretty lady ;)” and Guys..”A least demanding girl friend with looks no less than that of Katrina..not having any ex-boyfriends log.. 😛 “..

But is that all we want from life ??..Obviously not.. then what more..??..Befuddled..??..Let me try to simplify it for you..Lets use “NNL” technique..i.e. NOW, NEXT AND in the LONG-RUN.

Now the question arises.. How to apply it ??..For that matter..I am here with you..depicting my case as an instance.. :)..So Here We Goooooo…



>> I want my curves back..(as of late I am developing flab and tummy too..hun hun.. :’-( 🙁 )
>>As traveling by public conveyance is a pain in I want ..a driver and a cab..24*7 with me (Even Maruti 800 would do.. 😐 ).


>>Landing up in an ace B-school as I’ve already sailed through the written test..but the bigger battle is still to be fought..i.e. GD/PI round..
>>As my brain loves relaxing..(LAZY FELLOW.. :/)..but have been giving stress to it..for last couple of months (because of my MBA entrances).. I need to pamper it ..yeah..Its no less than a “Petulant Kid”..So I am planning a long trip with friends, Parties, Get together with loved ones..anything that could help me to escalate my jaded soul and mind.. 🙁


>>A handsome be precise ‘having warm pockets’.. 😉 with a good will and a contentment of..”Great going girl.. 🙂 “..
>>A man who would say.. “Girl you are amazing ..just the way you are..”..(rest expected qualities I’m not the list is never ending/umpteen.. ; -P )..
>>A beautiful house with a well groomed garden..where I can rest my soul, chit chat with my friends and can pen down my emotions..amidst of beautiful floral ambiance..

So..this is my NNL..How about you..??
Come on..start applying this technique and surprise yourself with the experiences of your beautiful and unexplored underworld..this might even help many singles in finding an apt partner for themselves..(NO GUARANTEE ..NO WARRANTY though it’s not a Chinese Technology).. 😀

Are you ready now.. for a flight to explore your vivid heart and colorful soul.. 🙂 🙂