Time Out

Hey folks … Look who is back …  😉  … Missed me all this while ???? … C’mon speak up …… lol .. So I am going to presume that you did miss me ….

Okay .. Enough of prating … There was a reason behind my absence for so long ( though I kept apparating back and forth at fixed intervals ) …. I was , somehow , under the impression that I need to alienate myself from anything and everything that could act as a means of distraction in the so called laborious process I was undergoing …. But its better to live a short life on an island than die a centurion in a cave …. Thanks to some serious advice I was given , I have understood  that in order to taste the success , I need to love the process … the every tit and bit of it … the very gist of it … and stop treating it as a burden rather than something engrossing …. And guess who was the one behind this golden advice …. None other than my alter ego …  😉

So here I am … Many things have changed since we last met … This interval was nothing different from the usual “Life” … Marked by many ups and downs … Peaks and valleys all the way through … Many faces unveiled … Many misconceptions cleared … And most importantly , a hell lot of new people in my life ( yes you , all of my “bootcamp” friends ) …

Once out of the school , I never thought I would experience any such thing as Summer Camp ( though the CL faculty termed it as a “Boot Camp” ) … The classes were scheduled from 9 to 7 .. for 21 days( I know that makes you say things like OMG and WTFH .. ) … Same was my reaction … How the hell these 21 days will pass …. Jai sir had a logic behind all this … According to some XYZ medical research , if you do a particular thing for 21 days in continuum , it becomes your habit …. And obviously , he was trying to assimilate this stuff called “studies” into our routine … Fair enough ..!!!


As it turned out , I never knew how these 21 days flew away … very much like everything , it ended before it hardly started … Amidst the quantitative aptitude , we were adding up the people in our friends list ( not virtual , but real 😉 ) …. Amidst all the verbal ability , we were having the time of our life interacting with each other …. On one hand , we were inculcating the basic skills required for interpreting data , and on the other , we were mocking away all our worries in air … The logical reasoning never appeared to be so logical until then ….. Learning can be fun .. yes it can surely be .. And this is what Jai sir knew perfectly well …. He knew , all the way , what he was doing and boy did he do it well …!!!!!

The process which appeared to be intolerable at the inception , turned out to be a roller coaster ride in the end …. A ride with a lot of twists and turns … Twist was when I found out that I have a crush on someone … Turn was when , later , I discovered that she was already in a relationship ( :heartbreak:  😛  ) …. And guess what … One of my batchmates bet on the fact that I would not skip coaching even if someone offered me a free movie …. lol … Turned out that she lost the bet and I won a free tour to the nearby theater .. Looks can be quite deceptive you see …. I might fare well in the tests but that doesn’t go ( by a long way ) to show that I am a book worm ( though I admit that I was one , once ) …. Anyways , a free movie is a free movie … Lady Luck … Keep showering these fortunes over me .. 😀 😀 😀
Now on a serious note …. CAT is approaching … and that too very fast …. There is a positive plus a negative aspect about my preparation , as of right now  …. The negative aspect is that I am lagging behind in few areas … And the positive aspect … The positive aspect is that I know that I am lagging behind in few areas  😉  …. I just need to buck up and see it through right until the very end …. Its a hard nut crack … But some things in life come without a shortcut , this being the one  … 🙂

Totally Faaltu Update

I have been out of touch with the blogosphere for quite a while now . Infact it has been more than a “quite a while” . No I am not suffering from a writer’s block . Its just that a thing called “examination” had forced me out of action for few days . Its not that I was dying preparing for these so called exams . I had ample of time to update my blog but still , my heart said that it would be really unfair to the much dreaded semester exams , and so I decided to wait . No more crap now . I am not going to blabber about how much I hate exams or why someone had to construct this system of testing our knowledge ( which anyways resides in our brain for just 24 hours …. Exams over …. Knowledge over …. ) ….

Being from a CSE background has its advantages , or should I say multi-advantages . All this while when the electronics and mechanical guys ( and few of the computer nerds too ) were busy banging their head against the wall out of sheer frustration and jealousy , I was busy observing these creatures who were suffering from this pre-exam syndrome . I still have got one more paper to go and they have decided to give us a whooping 4 days break to prepare . And you might be shocked to hear that few of them has already drowned themselves in the books .. Poor souls …

Coming back to the point … as I said that I was busy observing these engineers , I noticed quite a few things .

  • Everytime these brainy kids met on their way to water cooler or mess , they made a point to inquire “Abey Kitna ho gaya tera ???? ” ( How much of the course have you covered ) …… trust me , I really get irritated at times when this question is shot at me …
  • And now the best part ….. every other person whom I asked the same question had the same answer …. “Arey abhi suru hi nahi kiya hai yaar …. araam se padhenge” ( I haven’t started studying yet …. will do it at ease ) ….. Everyone in my college is born Einstein I tell you ….
  • And then I tried giving a different answer for a change … Another guy asked me the same question and I replied that I am going to start revision now ….. He started laughing so hard …. ”  poora ho gaya … aur wo bhi tera??? hahahhahahaha ” ( You have completed your course … hahahahah ) …. I felt like thumping him right in the face , but restrained ….. Since then I always took the safe part ….. neither the “haven’t yet started” melodrama nor the “have completed everything” crap ……
  • And one interesting thing that I observed in the electronics and mechanical guys ….. whole year they keep boasting about how good was their “core branch” and how much scope it offered ….. but when exams came …. all of them had this utter desire to make a jump into CS or IT ….. interesting ….
  • The extent to which these EC and ME guys are jealous of us is quite evident by the angry comments they leave on our FB statuses ( ones which say that we love our branch .. we don’t need to study like EC guys and more stuff like that … )
  • All the insomniacs of the hostel were seen running to Nescafe to get that magical cup of coffee which would keep them awake for the time being ….. Who needs sleeping pills …. Books are more than enough … 😉
  • Every minute of sleep is nothing less than an elixir for the totally exhausted brain of ours ……
  • Everyone formulates a list of umpteenth number of things to do once exams get over …. but as soon as it gets over …. they are totally blank , unsure of what to do next ….
  • And now the golden and most obvious observation …. No matter if it is a 2 days or 3 days or a 4 days gap …. Its only the last 24 hours or so that counts …. 11th hour study rox ….. 😉

P.S. Few exceptions have been found to these observations …. But nothing doing …. you won’t find these exceptions out of their rooms and away from their books at any time ….

I still have one more paper to go ….. and before that one , I have got 3 complete days for total rest ….. My branch CSE is nothing less than heaven …..  :mrgreen:

Doctors – Book Review

Erich Segal takes us right into the very heart of the Harvard Medical School’s class of 1962 . “Doctors” is an enthralling tale revealing the making of the doctors , what it takes to be the one and how difficult it can be to be in the profession which otherwise looks very glorious and secure . Erich Segal’s “Doctors” is both a love story and an impeccable study of the training and practice of the American health professionals.

Just like his erstwhile works , Erich Segal has hit a chord with this one too . From the merciless training in the medical school to the long demanding hours of complete dedication during internship and residency , doctors’ life usually encompass all the possible emotions – from triumph to failure – from evident joy to tragedies – they have to go through it all . The author has crafted a powerful and moving account of the 1962 batch of Harvard medical school. We experience the trials and tribulations that doctors go through, to be what they are.

At the novel’s heart is the selfless and unforgettable relationship that Barney Livingston shares with Laura Castellano . Both the childhood friends are incomplete without each other and a time comes when this relationship advances to something more powerful , something more passionate . Both are graduates for one of the most elusive institute of the country , but even their medical gifts combined might not be enough when it comes to saving the one life that they treasured the most .

The author also makes a point with the case of Bennett Landsmann and Seth Lazarus , the two people who are bestowed with all the intellectual gifts that He can shower upon , but still are troubled in their life by one or the other reasons . Bennett who is often confronted with his identity , being a black he was always treated below par by the society . Then their occurs a tumultuous event which not only shakes him to the very core but also threatens to end his splendid career as a talented surgeon . A career , which was just about to start after the long and strenuous training that he had gone through .

On the other hand is this guy named Seth Lazarus . Studious and shy , not to mention brilliant in academics , Seth is sensitive beyond measures to suffering . How his mercy killing advanced from putting to silence the suffering dogs in the Harvard lab to ending the meaningless life of his own brother Howie , he never knew . And then he finds himself confronting the hardest choice he had to make : to use his skills – either to save life , or to end it !!!

Doctors have higher suicide and drug addiction rates than the rest of the population due to the rigorous demands of their profession. The wannabe doctors give up their lives as they are unable to cope with the intense pressure of their work. The real prize in the profession lies in seeing a patient they have cured out of the suffering that he was unwillingly dragging along . Concepts like euthanasia and doctor’s ethics are touched upon, not to mention the adrenaline of the operating room. There are a lot of medical terms and terminologies used all along , remembering the name of a few can be a uphill task .

The book spreads upto some 670 odd pages and is undoubtedly captivating . You will never find yourself stuck at any point . The author does well with transition that he makes between the scenes , occasionally taking the reader into the flashback . The entire book is characterized by twists and turns , exchange of few awesome dialogues , and at numerous places – suspense , all the factors gel together to constitute what I would call an awesome book .

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Ever tried looking beyond placements and salaries ???  Ever tried going for the unconventional ???  Ever the idea of ” Get Rich or Die Trying ” struck your mantle ???   …….. If yes , then you will surely cherish reading this book . And if your answer is no , then too you should go for this book as it will equip you with a sight to look beyond the horizon .

Winning isn’t everything . But wanting to win is .

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” was the advice that Steve Jobs gave to the students during his commencement speech at Stanford University .

But this book is not concerned with Steve Jobs , not by far . This is a book which illustrates the power of dream , the power of hunger and the power of desire .

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish‘ is the story of 25 such IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose the rough road of entrepreneurship. They are diverse in age, in outlook and the industries they made a mark
in. But they have one thing in common: they believed in the power of their dreams. This book seeks to inspire young graduates to look beyond placements and salaries. To believe in their dreams.

This book is more of a mini biography of these entrepreneurs who could easily have chosen a high paid job , a settled life style , a would-be CEO of some renowned company with a handsome salary to their dream of doing the unconventional . But instead they decided to follow their dreams . And didn’t their effort paid of , yes it did . There still lies a world beyond the horizon which these 25 IIM-A graduates were aware of .

Rashmi Bansal has classified them into three categories ……

First , the Believers : People who knew entrepreneurship was the Chosen Path. They took the plunge straight after their MBA or after working barely a couple of years. And they persevered until they made it big! ………

Second , the Oppurtunists , These entrepreneurs did not plan to take this path but when opportunity knocked they seized it. Their stories go to how that you don’t have to be ‘born with it’, you can develop an entrepreneurial bent of mind at any age ………..

And third , the ones with The Alternate Vision : These individuals are using entrepreneurship to reate social impact. Or as a platform which allows them creative expression.

A really liked this quote from the book by Sanjeev Bikhchandani >>

” I could see my future , had I continued as a manager in the corporate sector . If I was lucky , at the end of 5 years I will be a senior product manager , in 8 years I will be marketing manager .. In 25 years I might be CEO somewhere . All this If I am really good . I used to ask myself : Is this what I want in life ” sums it all .

Somewhere down the line , we all ask the same question to ourselves ” Is this what I want in life ” , and believe me , in most of the cases , answer comes out to be negative . But since we are too busy with our life or may be since we are unable to muster up enough courage to chose the path our heart tells us to , our desire is suppressed , which then ends up in the grave with our corpse , unheard and unanswered .

The Elephant and the Dragon

The tides are changing . Its been long time since few powerful countries like USA and Russia decided the world order . Its high time that the elephant and the dragon enter the scene now and play a major role in reshaping the world . The way this elephant ( India ) and the dragon ( China ) is developing now , it is only a matter of time before it emerges as a world power and will be an important factor in deciding the new outlook of the world .

According to a survey by Australian Government , this is the graph of how the shares of Australian exports have fared in India , China and other North Asian countries from 1993-2003 . While the graph declined in North Asia , it showed a significant increase in China and India , which is the place where the entire world market has its gaze fixed upon .

Though China appears to be a step ahead of India , still India’s track record of inclusive growth looks better than that of China’s , the credit of which goes to India being a democratic . “” The Elephant and the Dragon : The Rise of India and China and what it meant for all of us “” by Robyn Meredith is essentially a guide which helps you to understand how India and China are reshaping the world. It also highlights the fact that how unlike China , India has not turned a blind eye towards the marginal section of the society .

China’s focus is all set on development right now , which is coming at a high cost of human welfare .  In the name of development, communist China displaced millions of peasants and deprived them of their livelihood . We are lucky to be living in a democratic India rather than a communist China , where atleast the people are not deprived of their rights in the name of development .

Robyn Meredith further points out the fact that how China is converting itself into a commercial juggernaut that is inspiring a feeling of fear accompanied with envy in hearts of workers and CEO’s worldwide and how it is an active participant in contributing to environmental pollution . On the other hand , India is seen to conquer the back office work of the world , since the number of students that graduate from India universities are far more compared to other nations .

China and India are the places to watch . World market is expanding and so is India and China’s economy . Its all set to take up the power to shape the new world order .