I see red and green – traffic lights, slightly blurry in the late twilight.

I see people swishing by, leaving traces of their existence, on the flooded pavements.

I hear different sounds, embedded in the rapid footsteps, the hushed voices, and my thoughts.

Slowly, silence drapes over me like a thick cloak, as all sounds fade away.

And then, I see yellow lights and purple smoke. I am finally home.

The Storm

He thought the storm had settled down,
And normalcy restored.
Only to discover that turbulence is permanent,
And essential, to some extent.

The lightning struck on an important day.
The day that used to be important.
But not anymore. The day has lost its meaning.
Like so many things around.
It has become a farce.
A fancy painting in a mirage.

The canvas laughed at him.
At his helplessness.
And he kept looking at the illusion.
The storm that was now brewing in the painting.
A storm that he thought had settled down.


The illusion of control.
The grandeur of strength.
The blink of an eye.
Green turning to brown.

The good part.
The cynic in me telling it would be over soon.
I don’t know if I wish it to be an illusion.
Or a reality.

Coming back to Life

Coming back to Life.
Life – a world that is both truth and a lie.
The lie we have been living day after day for some time.
The expectation, the aspirations – how can we define that. And how can we trust in that definition.
Is ambition over-hyped? I wonder what is the point of all of this.
May be this chaos, this uncertainty, this weakness that prevails across the world – It was all meant to be.
And truth and lie are nothing but two faces of the same coin. It only depends on what you wish to see.

The process called Life

“What is that one species you wish to be extinct?”
Answered the majority of the people I asked this question.

Is there any other species which would wish themselves to be extinct? I don’t know. Jungle, where everything is about survival, this thought is not meant for them. They are meant for a much advanced and idle mind. A mind and a body which is well fed. You will not find poor people in this bracket.
There priorities are different.

Why do we hate ourselves so much? Will it be right in saying the people who wish humans to be extinct will volunteer for the cause by laying down their lives at first? I don’t think so. Though it might be true that majority will agree that they don’t have any problem being dead. They are just hesitant to go through the process.