It’s still raining here. Monsoons have been with us for almost two months now. They will be leaving soon. But until then, the city will continue to be at it’s most beautiful. 

September is here. That part of the year when you take a pause and think – “Wow!! The year has almost ended. But it started only some time ago”. That’s the beauty of time. It runs as fast as a Gazelle when it wants to. Otherwise, it just drags along link a stoned snail. 

But when you know that it’s galloping away, you should make sure to hold on as tightly as you could and just enjoy the ride 😀

The Bat, the Truck and the Moon

It’s approaching dawn. The night is silent as usual. Silent means normal. A parameter that ensures that everything has gone as per the plan.

The deep night has engulfed everyone in its clutches of sleep. But it’s not only me who is awake at this hour.

I stand at my flat’s terrace, trying to locate the Moon. But I cannot see it. There are too many clouds. I can say for certain where exactly it’s hiding. I can see the source of the light. A blurred dull ball appears in the sky, momentarily visible behind a thin puff of clouds.
I can see the moonlight falling on the Mango tree’s leaves. Mango tree which is slowly extending its arms, trying to capture our entire terrace, leaving us with a little space. But still,  we will bear with it. For it will bear fruits for us. Literally.

Just next to the tree lie a bunch of bats, continously shifting in their sleep, trying to find the perfect posture. Perfect hanging posture. They all have snuggled up in such a mess that I couldn’t possibly do a head count right now.

I look down at the road downstairs. It is completely deserted. Only exception being a Goods Carrier making a run along the path, every now and then. A truck passes by,  making a loud sound. Loud enough to scare a bat out of its sleep and into the sky. It flutters away as quietly as it could.

The clouds appear to have scattered for a short time. I can see the Moon now. It looks to be just a day away from being exactly half, like the protractor. It looks tired. It looks dull. I wonder why.

Another truck just passed by. It didn’t wake any bat up, this time around. The Moon has also made its way back behind the veil. The Mango tree stand there tall, apathetic to everything that’s going around him.

The dawn is approaching. The night is silent as usual. And it’s not only me who is feeling sleepy right now. So are the bats, the trucks and the Moon.


It’s raining continuously since past two days. And I am sneezing like anything.

There is a new smell in the air. Everything around me has sprung into life. Monsoons have finally struck Mumbai. And the best part of the year is finally here.

I have to remind myself again that it’s Sunday evening, and not Saturday. I have a huge to do list for today (There are only two tasks but anything more than one is “huge” in my dictionary). But I have got some time left in the day to get done with that. No worries !!

Just 3 weeks to my Ladakh trip. We were 13 when we started planning for the trip. Now only 6 are left (Side-effects of being a part of age group where everyone is getting married). That reminds me that I have to get some bookings done. My to-do list climbs by 1 :/

The rains have picked up once again. I wish there was a concept of “Rainy Day” in professional life also. Mumbai would have been the perfect city to work in. It still is 😀

Need to rush. Have to finish some office work. And then organize my room. And then spend some time with my favorite beverage 😉 And then retire to sleep before waking up to the Season Finale of GoT 😀

Mosoons and IPL

That part of the year. Especially in Mumbai. I am dying to see the advent of Monsoons, which is a week or two away, or should have arrived by now as per the forecast. And then there is Royal Challengers Bangalore, lead by a guy called Virat Kohli, my favorite till date. The only reason I wanted RCB to win is because of Kohli. But that is not supposed to be, is it?


This loss in the finals has shot up the onslaught that the upcoming Monday had in reserve for us. It’s not as bad as the semi final’s loss against WI was. But it still is pretty bad. The fairy tale was just as close it could have been. An anti-climax as you would call it.


VIRAT KOHLI. Look forward to you. IPL 2016 was just a stop on the way. Expecting things superhuman from you from now on 😀

WWE – The Fire Still Burns

The Fire Still Burns – That used to be my favorite line back in school days. Reason? See the following video.

I used to get goosebumps every time Kane’s entrance music was played. And the fireworks. That was a golden era of WWF I could do anything to get back. The fact that I used to think that it’s all for real spiced it up even more. Anyone who used to say that it was scripted was marked in the wrong side of my book. Monday 5 PM was the best time of the week. Undertaker was really a ghost. Austin seemed the most powerful. And I hated Triple H more than anything else.

Then I matured. College happened and everything changed. No more WWF (It became WWE then). Years passed by. And then on an idle day I stumbled upon this video.

Man it was like all your WWF memories were stuffed in 1 minute and put right in front of you. And YouTube has got this beautiful concept called “Related Videos”. And once you get into that maze it’s very difficult to come out of it. For the next few hours I kept browsing through these videos (most old and some new). Found out that this new faction called Shield is the latest talk of the town. I fucking hated them after going through few fights of theirs. I got stuck into the series and started following WWE again.

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