A hamlet called Tinchuley

Where would you rather stay while traveling? A place bubbling with people with excited faces greeting you all around. Or a place away from all the hustle, where you can afford not to rush and savor all the components that makes up the place.

Well, in my case, my mood swing takes me to both these places. This March, my curiosity took me to this place near Darjeeling, which goes by the name “Tinchuley”. Visiting Himalayas has always been special for me. This was more so because it was my first visit to the mountains with my family. The first half of the trip had been great with the visit to Tsomgo Lake stealing the limelight. It was time to move from Gangtok to Tinchuley.

It had snowed the night before and the road ahead to Nathula Pass was blocked. But Tsomgo Lake was looking as splendid as it could. And with all the people and yaks around, ever so colorful

It had snowed the night before and the road ahead to Nathula Pass was blocked. But Tsomgo Lake was looking as splendid as it could. And with all the people and yaks around, ever so colorful

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Weekend Trek to Ajoba Hills

I haven’t trekked much in the last 2 months. A reason for that might be that it isn’t Monsoons yet (my favorite season for trekking). Anyways, this Sunday was fixed for the trek to Ajoba Hills, which has been in my list for some time now.

Quoting from the wiki – Standing at a height of 4511 feet in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats, Ajoba Hill is one of the highest peaks in the Sahyadri ranges. Situated in the Shahapur Taluka at the base village of Dehene, the Ajoba Hill is considered sacred due to the local folklore that this was the place where goddess Sita stayed in an Ashram during her exile and separation from Lord Rama. Halfway through the climb up the mountain is located the “Valmiki Ashram” and the cave here Goddess Sita stayed with her two sons Luv and Khush. The hill got its name from the term “Ajoba” which means grandfather in Marathi – a term that Luv and Khush used to address Saint Valmiki. It is also believed that Saint Valmiki’s Samadhi in the hill increases in size every few years.

Trek to Ajoba Hills

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The McLeodganj Trip

Call it a place. Call it an experience. Call it the true home for your soul. There is always this one special entity in someone’s life in which one finds true comfort. Himalayas is that special place for me. Ever since I had come back from Har Ki Dun, I have been longing to take the return trip home. To go to a place where my mind is at peace, overlooking the spectacular waterfall make its way through the divine valley before finally settling somewhere distant in the horizon.


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Tripping through Malshej Ghat

Monsoons have proved to be pretty elusive this time around. The season is about to end and the umbrellas and ponchos are missing out on all the action. So we decided to take things in our hand. One fine Saturday morning we set out to look for rains – And our destination was that one place which we knew won’t disappoint us. The Queen of Monsoons – Malshej Ghat.

Waking up on a Saturday morning is one of the toughest task ever. But you got to do what you got do. It was time to take my Classic 350 for it’s first outing. Post 4 months of notice period and additional 2 weeks for the first servicing, it was long due to take her out.

Anyways, we set out from Powai at 6 in the morning. Eastern Express Highway merged into NH222 and in no time we found ourselves on one of the best circuits in Western Ghats.

Malshej Ghat - Road Trip


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Kalsubai Night Trek

It’s that time of the year once again. Monsoons just around the corner. Forests ready to bloom into their own. And Fireflies in their full form. It’s time to kick start the Monsoon expedition, and say hello to our old friend – The Sahyadri.

But don’t be fooled. It ain’t raining still. So why then all this fuss?

Because it’s the month of June. The time for the night treks. The time for the Fireflies camps. The time for the pure awesomeness. Last year we kick started with Rajmachi, and this time it was the turn for one of those treks which had been in my wish list since the very start = Kalsubai, the highest peak of Maharashtra.


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