Christmas, MBA and Sensex

dalal streetEnough of cribbing now. I am just going to follow the basic principles of Corporate Finance that I somehow got a sight of, the hour before exam. The market has no memory and No profit is profit and No loss is a loss until realized. So let my portfolio be as it is until it recovers and till then I won’t mind going into a hibernation.

Organizational Behavior is scheduled for tomorrow and owing to my super non sense writing skills and the talent that I have acquired after appearing in 40 UPTU exams, I sincerely hope that I might fare well in this too :D. 4 exams gone, 3 to go and still I am to start studying. Better late than never, I will seriously give it a try before Economics paper. Please make note of the fact that “TRY” is the keyword here 😛 😉

Christmas and New Year coming. While Delhi is frozen at 3 degree celsius, there are no signs of any kind of chills whatsoever, in Mumbai. Only in night it gets a bit “less hot”, otherwise the temperature is making sure to keep me devoid of any experience of winter. I am still not sure whether I will make my way home this new year or not. That too depends on a lot of factors 😛 😉

Let’s see what 2012 has got in store for all of us. I will come up with a Goodbye 2011 post pretty soon. A year which was a nightmare for all kinds of investors as market crashed and crashed and crashed. Oops! I was not supposed to crib about stock market was I? 😛 😉


  1. Good luck for the remaining three papers.. 😉 Good luck for your trading 🙂 Good luck for 2012 🙂 And Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! 😀