Confessions of a 90’s kid

90s KidI am a 90’s kid. And there are stuffs that we, as a generation, will be the only ones to experience. The days of WWF craze and the Super Mario. Waiting for clock to strike 5 so that you can run out to play. And after coming back, eating whatever your mom gave you really really slow. Because the end of the food meant the study time. Even a 10 minutes extended sleep in the morning now couldn’t match the 10 minutes of those times.

Time passed by and we grew. Tekken 3 became the new craze. Taking transistors to
school to listen to live commentary gave an out of the world feeling. I got my first PC when I was in 11th standard. First encounter with technology at such level, Pentium 4 felt like a dream come true. What more could have a teenage asked for back then. Or wait. There was something actually. A 64kbps Dial-Up connection. BSNL was the savior.

Rediff and Yahoo came by. That characteristic alert sound of a new message on Rediff Bol is still emblazoned in my mind. Whatsapp could have everyone all together now. But that feeling of getting a text message once in a while from that someone special could never be replaced by anything. Watching a video on YouTube without buffer was impossible, and having an Email ID was no less than an achievement. BTW, Remember Cyber cafes? 😉

A year later, class 12th. There came my first handset. A glamorous and royal Nokia 6600. The Symbian Phone with a VGA camera inbuilt. Until the N Series came along, it was the undisputed leader of the handset market. For me, all the firsts that I had are still too close to me. My PC, which is still very much alive. My Nokia 6600. My first SIM – I wish Hutch comes back. Time had just flown by since then.

Engineering came. And here stood biggest revelation in Social Networking. Orkut. Scrap count was a status symbol then. And the knowledge of Javascripts and Flooding the scrapbook with shining scraps was magical. And whoever knew all this was looked up to. it sounded so cool. And this, undoubtedly, was the biggest motivation which inspired me to enter the fabulous world of Technology. The other was, of course, dollars from Adsense 😛  I wanted to be a hacker. All I could end up was being someone who knew the tricks to trap others. Be it Greasemonkey. Be it Cross Site Scripting. Just the ultimate will to hack into other’s accounts had me learn everything from Graphics to Web Designing. I could not be a hacker, all right. But back then, at will, I cracked into anyone’s account I wished to. And more importantly, I was into the domain which I was destined to be in.

Cyber Mafia was what I called myself. Professional Blogger. Social Media Expert. I have continued on the same path and little did I knew that I would be lucky enough to make it my career. Product Manager for Mobile Banking. Engulfed amidst all kind of gadgets, I have little to complaint about right now. About my life? It’s truly mobile at the moment. And so am I 😀