WWE – The Fire Still Burns

The Fire Still Burns – That used to be my favorite line back in school days. Reason? See the following video.

I used to get goosebumps every time Kane’s entrance music was played. And the fireworks. That was a golden era of WWF I could do anything to get back. The fact that I used to think that it’s all for real spiced it up even more. Anyone who used to say that it was scripted was marked in the wrong side of my book. Monday 5 PM was the best time of the week. Undertaker was really a ghost. Austin seemed the most powerful. And I hated Triple H more than anything else.

Then I matured. College happened and everything changed. No more WWF (It became WWE then). Years passed by. And then on an idle day I stumbled upon this video.

Man it was like all your WWF memories were stuffed in 1 minute and put right in front of you. And YouTube has got this beautiful concept called “Related Videos”. And once you get into that maze it’s very difficult to come out of it. For the next few hours I kept browsing through these videos (most old and some new). Found out that this new faction called Shield is the latest talk of the town. I fucking hated them after going through few fights of theirs. I got stuck into the series and started following WWE again.

Masked Kane is back. He calls himself Demon Kane and drags his opponents into Hell – WWE does not even pretend to be real now. But that’s okay. At least it’s better than those days where wrestlers like John Cena and CM Punk were the best they got. There is no one who I feel like supporting through and through. Just like it’s with your first love, I could not let go.

I love watching the beast Brock Lesnar screw the hell out of everyone. Triple H is the new champion and my new favorite. Reason? The way he and Evolution destroyed Shield. Shane O Mac is back and he is going to face Deadman in a Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania. Let’s see if they could revive the show once again. I will continue to be intrigued by the same as long as the old Superstars are there. And one fine day it will finally dawn on me. But till that day, I have got only two words for you …..

D Generation X