Green Leaves

It has been a decade since I started this blog. The journey from Blogger to WordPress, from engineering to masters to corporate life – it has both been a short time and a long one. Short in the terms of the overall scheme of things, and long in terms of me as a person. I favor reading a lot more than writing, nowadays – It has come with a lot of patience in my life – And I often find myself wondering about things I didn’t know exist.

Still, I wish I write more. I am not sure if it is a mental block or just a case of priorities. Is this space just a pensive or is it still alive? I will admit that I am not sure anymore. I wish to find that out for myself, and hence you find me here, blabbering without a particular theme in mind.


Wadala House and the Mango Tree

June has been a GREEN month for me. Backpacking across Meghalaya for a week was a much needed detoxification. I encountered the first rains of the season. Flying back to Mumbai, I found the west branch of Monsoons greeting me. Even Bangalore was gleaming with wonderful colors as sky poured incessantly, This is the most tranquil part of the year, which rejuvenates everything – living and animate alike. It does come with side effects, but I believe it has a lot of pros than cons. A festival which spans across months – Monsoons is a pleasant reminder that even a metropolitan like Mumbai has to mend its ways as per the dictate of Nature – And it’s citizens happily go the prescribed path.


Sometimes I feel like creating a Book Review section here – But then I ask myself – What is the point?


We finished most of the Mangoes. For the ones that were not reachable, we got help 😀

We had planned to trek to Ajoba hills yesterday, but the rains convinced us to drop our plan. The weekend was spent reading books – The weather has been perfect through the past two days, the time seemed to have slowed down. I always thought that time rushes by when you are having a pleasant experience, and vice-versa. But interestingly, sitting under a tree, watching the raindrops slide over the mango leaves, defies this logic. You are in a trance which is as pleasant as you can imagine. You feel numb and you like it.

A few months of sheer bliss awaits. Let air, water and earth become one as we too wait to be a part of this trinity.

Hello! Kya Samachaar?😀😀