Happy Valentine’s Day

Miss X (strategically changed name ) along with her friend Miss U was standing in front of girl’s hostel early in the morning on the auspicious day of Feb 14 . The two girls were waiting for something very patiently (don’t know what , might be Miss W ) .

Meanwhile a suspicious creature named Mr F (again a strategically changed name) , who looked very jovial with a red rose in his hand , approached them . He wasted no time in kneeling down on his knees and asking Miss X , “Will you be my valentine ?”

Miss X had her own plans . She broke the boy’s heart with a very rude reply , “Get lost” .

Everyone thought that Mr F has had another heartbreak and would head back disappointed , but nothing of this sort happened . Infact , he reacted very sensibly . “Recycle Reduce Reuse” . He turned towards Miss U and asked same sweet question ” Will you be my valentine ? ” 😆


  1. Harshu??? Nice petname!!! 😛

    Very sensible guy – Mr F – I would have done the same if I had to chose between two guys. 😛

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  3. Oh.. It happened right in front of you..?? And all this while, I’d been thinking you were the one with a strategically changed name – Mr. F.. 😛

    Btw, if Miss U said yes, then what about poor Miss W..?? And if she said no.. what happened to poor Mr. F..? 😀

  4. @Poonam….of course …. everyone is now looking for shortcuts … to get their thing done as early as possible 😀

    @Ambika……may be… or may be not….keep guessing 😛 … well miss W still has everyone ranging from Mr.A to Mr.Z with her …. not to get disappointed … lol … same goes with Mr. F too …. 😉

    @shalu …. very close to reality indeed…. 😀