Like a Pendulum

Well this one goes back in August 2009. Stumbled upon it while going through my MS OneNote diary. Funny part is that I don’t even remember penning it down. Had to google it to make sure that it’s mine.

For a system,
We make and grind away;
We nurse our rage
Into madness
And our thoughts we repress.

Memoirs and memoirs,
Mirrors and white moons,
This can’t end so soon.

Like a pendulum,
Efficient, ruthlessly,
Chagrin and restless,
Everything swings
Betwixt extremes,
All in hope of being free.

An inner peace, serenades,
Something keeps you ablaze.

A stitch of fate,
A shroud of haze,
That light behind the overcast skies,
Has a tint of that peaceful glaze.

Where did you learn to let go?