Monsoons approaching 🌦️⛈️

May has ended. And it is that time of the year when the news is brimming with expectations of Monsoons. In June, but when? The wait and anticipation are going to increase every day. Mumbai awaits the downpour. There is some hesitation as well, with the experience city has with Monsoons, year after year.

Like everyone else, I too, am waiting for the Rain Gods. This time more than previous years. As this time it promises a much needed change in status quo. Where days have been passing by since 3 months, very similar to each other, I believe we all can use a cool breeze and some splatter against our window.

This reminds me of a beautiful book by Alexander Frater – ‘Chasing the Monsoons’. This book accompanied me while I was doing some chasing of my own, traveling to Meghalaya, with ‘Meghdoot’ and ‘Chasing the Monsoons’ in my bag. Both Alexander & I found what we were looking for.

If I had to be a season, I would be Monsoons. Then Winter, followed by Spring, Autumn & Summer. I am already dreaming about those overcast Saturday mornings. Waking up to thunders in the distant red sky. Good music in the background. And retiring in a chair in a shade on the terrace, with a book for a company.

I am waiting to accompany those droplets on my window panes, following them through the twisted path they traverse.

I am waiting to travel somewhere far, get into a boat, with no shade from the storm. I want to wander and get lost.

I am waiting for the smell of the approaching rain. This land needs a washing over. I need it. I need to see those clouds idling in bronze-colored cobwebs. I need to untie my shoelaces and rush into the abandoned neighborhood.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope clouds bring you peace, and you collect as much rain as you can 🙂

I just wish to go to hibernation as soon as the Rains come down

Hello! Kya Samachaar?😀😀