Mosoons and IPL

That part of the year. Especially in Mumbai. I am dying to see the advent of Monsoons, which is a week or two away, or should have arrived by now as per the forecast. And then there is Royal Challengers Bangalore, lead by a guy called Virat Kohli, my favorite till date. The only reason I wanted RCB to win is because of Kohli. But that is not supposed to be, is it?


This loss in the finals has shot up the onslaught that the upcoming Monday had in reserve for us. It’s not as bad as the semi final’s loss against WI was. But it still is pretty bad. The fairy tale was just as close it could have been. An anti-climax as you would call it.


VIRAT KOHLI. Look forward to you. IPL 2016 was just a stop on the way. Expecting things superhuman from you from now on 😀