My first Design

Thats the snapshot of my very first design ….. Ever since I got my hands around Dreamweaver I have tried creating many designs but none till this one succeeded in impressing me …. Its colorful and impressing , isn’t it ???……. I have been trying to design a dark site since last week , worked on few designs but left them midway as I was going nowhere with them…… and finally I ended in this colorful design …..

One difficulty that I encountered was that the page was not displaying in Firefox as it did in IE ….. was able to sort that only when I started again ….. thats why they say test the code every now and then in every browsers because you won’t know which part of code is creating problem …… will follow that guideline from now on ….

You might be thinking that why I am making such a fuss for such a basic design …. well because that’s my first design and I am pretty excited with my first website …. [:D]