Naagphani – Duke’s Nose Trek

Duke's Nose TrekFor some unknown reason Monsoon is making us wait more than expected. And the only option that we are left with is to seek for it.
From hills to hills, we have been spending last few weekends in our quest for the divine rain. This time, the destination was Khandala – To the trail to the Duke’s Nose, also known as Nagphani. The nameĀ of this place in Western Ghats is credited to the shape of the cliff which is like a hill or a thumb, sometimes resembling a snake.

Compared to the Rajmachi, the Duke’s Nose Trek was relatively easier – The fact that it was day and the path was well marked to the pinnacle. And for more than a single reason, this trek in Khandala was more about the journey rather than the destination.


“Just follow the rails” was what the old lady said to us. And so we did. We followed the rails. Without thinking about where it was leading us.

There are times like this when you don’t know where you are going and neither do you seem to care.

Twists and Turns

The twists and turns .. Everyone has got a different path to traverse .. After all, it’s more about the journey rather than the destination

Quest for Monsoon

Monsoon is making the wait longer. Heat is picking up with every single day But Mother Nature never gives up on you. Shade is always there for those who seek for it

Shiva's Temple

Deep in the forest or next to a river bank. 1000 feet up the hill or deep within the valley. Sunshine all over or clouds covering up. I have never seen a place where there is no temple in the vicinity.

Lord Shiva is always watching you

Ecstacy of Childhood

Sometimes even the royal cruise can’t match up to an innocent paper boat. Such is the careless ecstasy of childhood.

Backpack the World

Let’s backpack this world. I may be worng, but at times your backpack is your best friend (apart from Dogs of course)

Beauty Bug

The beauty of being bugged.

Gully Cricket

Tried convincing them for a game .. But they thought that we were too old to give them a competition

Village Chulha

What do you call something where life emerges from within the ashes? Phoenix? .. Well, at few places they call it “Chulha”

Never Quit

Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are Done. And that has been our Motto throughout. Right now when I am posting this, the wait for Monsoon is still on. Let’s see where Life leads us next, in our quest.

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