Nadaan Parindey

I have been very irregular on my blog of late. There are many factors behind this sudden cold war between Me and Magical Me. One being the lack of time and the other being the lack of urgency. Life, right now, is too idle yet too hectic. The days that are passing by are too long yet too short. The expectations for the future that I have employed are too fancy yet too void. And the hope that I keep lingering to are too optimistic yet too pessimistic.

Don’t worry I have not come here to play with words right now. Just a regular update of what is going on in my too boring yet too ecstatic life. Heard a lot about Rockstar and so decided to give it a watch. After the Ra-One catastrophe (thanks to sudden mental attack that drove Abhishek to drag me to the hall), I knew that I am in for a better watch anyways. But truly speaking I found the movie simply awesome. This is not from a critics point of view neither is it a fan’s biased opinion. Movie was awesome and so were Ranbir Kapoor, Mohit Chauhan and obviously, Mr. A. R. Rehman. I have literally fell in love with the tracks of the movie and Rockstar made my day.

I met my Hogwarts family yesterday and frankly speaking I never thought that we all could be at the same place at the same time one day. But it happened and I am really pleased that it happened. And people if you are listening, trust me it’s the first but nor definitely the last time. 😉

I am missing Delhi, more than Lucknow even. Mumbai is an awesome place, there is absolutely no doubt about it. It’s safer, it’s bigger and it has everything a soul can expect to have at a place-to-be. But still there is something about Delhi I don’t find in Mumbai. May be it’s the attitude. May be it’s the rocking spirit or May be it’s the vibrancy. Or May be there nothing special about Delhi but still the place I long to be right now. I am missing that chill right now. It’s midway in November and I still sweat if I go for a walk in the evening. Man am I missing those chilly days right now. Course I am. I am missing those night outs in the shrill cold that literally numbed every part of your body. I am missing those morning walks with shivering body and chattering teeth. I am coming very soon Delhi, very very soon.

Time is just ticking by and slowly, but surely, I am getting serious towards everything. By everything I mean the professional life that is waiting for me with open arms and hidden dagger. By everything I mean the near future which waits for me full of promises and treason. By everything I mean that world which is desperate to have me as it’s part but is deprived by the honor by the reluctance which pushes me away. Time will tell how everything turns out to be. And that reminds me that I have still not a received a mail from CR about tomorrow’s schedule. By the look of things I have a day off tomorrow courtesy Children’s Day (unless a mail lands in my inbox at 6 in the morning and my room partner interrupts my sweet morning dreams).


  1. I think there is something magical about this post.
    For reasons like –
    1 – I was listening to Nadaan Parindey when landed onto your blog.
    2 – I am missing Delhi more than Lucknow (latter is my home)
    3 – I am missing the chill of winter in Mumbai

    So many coincidences? Magic I guess 😉

  2. hey,
    derz definatly smthing in DELHI which does attracts us…may be the ambiance,the crowd or people(specially da chicks 😉 )…..i wish i was in delhi..!!!
    nd yes,ROCKSTAR z an awsome movie…
    and more dn all ds i like ur post…!!!
    it makes me romanticize my past in LUCKNOW,DELHI and dn PUNE…

  3. 😛 My brother put the headphones playing Kun Fayakun jabardasti in my head. Since then I had been looping it. Caught a promo on TV playing the ‘Kaga re’ lines from Nadaan Parindey on TV and have been looping it also since. Rehman has repeated a feat, Mohit has proved the spirituality he brings from Himachal and Ranbir has lived the character for Jordan. I related to it as a fellow artist. I am sure you also must’ve enjoyed the part how the uncouth trampish stalker turns into a deep pondering songwriter/composer………it reminded me of Lennon too 🙂

    How’s your college going Harry ji? Find it difficult to switch from syntax to sensex? 🙂 I to left it within a month! Not my cup of tea – this MBA thingy.

    • And I am listening to “Aur Ho” from the same movie … Somehow I am able to relate to the song perfectly … Let the reasons be unveiled for the time being 😛 😉

      Am doing great 😀 … And the switch was as smooth as it could be … I find sensex a lot more intersting than sensex … Infact everything is a lot of fun here … 😀 😀 …

      Left it in a month ??? .. Gain/Loss?? 😛 😉

      • Lovely song that! I discovered it only when I saw the movie…..a truely intense song Rehman style and that haunting operaesque feel. Yeah though veiled…….the reasons are relative from person to person….that is the beauty of all poetry.
        Does it have to do with studying? 😉 😛

        Leaving in a month was a big gain for me…….there was no growth which the college offered and I am far well off than my MBA peers – since I have a good fat practical experience in the same field now 😀 No stocks finances for me as of now 🙂 Bro’s there (hez a commerce guy) and you are there magical Harry ji 😀

        Lots of luck for your MBA.

        • Not at all … It has nothing to do with the studies … Infact it has to do with the same thing it was originally meant to be … 😉 .. I hope you get my point here 😛 😛

          And thnx for all the luck … I need a lot of those … for the ever so volatile market and much more volatile grade sheet of mine … 😛 😉


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