I feel calm and stupid

I feel calm and stupid.
I feel alone and content.
I feel light and free.
I feel the colors appearing and fading away.
I feel the rain splattering on the window.
I feel the silliness of the situation, the fallacies of the time.
I feel the night, drifting away into Oblivion.
I feel the cloud of thoughts, creating a haze.
A haze of sleep. A haze of calm. I feel calm. And stupid.

I wish

I wish to see clearly.

I wish to send all apprehensions and doubt away.

I wish to breathe in green leaves and blue sky.

I wish to close my eyes to see beyond.

I wish.

And I shall.


One should spend his life in quest of the things he truly believe in. A caveman living in Stone Age, devoid of all the modern facilities, who strongly believed in the master who put the blanket on and off the sky, would have been as proud and passionate about his belief as few of us might feel today, towards some of the present day values, like ethics and morality – Even though these beliefs might get outdated some day in the future – Who knows?

To believe in something is to LIVE with full strength. I believe that true freedom lies in setting yourself a code you wish to live by, and placing firm belief in it.It is the essence behind everything.