Reality behind the reality shows

Television is certainly witnessing a change right now . The online media is flooded with an array of reality shows at the moment . Ranging from the capture of someone’s private life to the live screening of someone’s Swayamvar , nothing is personal in this age . And even though you will find everyone criticizing this new surge in shows based on the (un)scripted format , everyone is glued to the reality shows right now .

People are watching these shows so that they can criticize them . They are watching these shows so that they can find a loophole and possible a point to prove that afterall , they are not exactly ‘real’ . Both the ways , these shows are successful in achieving what they intend to , and that is TRP . TRP , the magical word itself . An average viewer loves to plunge into the fake real world with organized situations and shots taking note of every move of the assumingly unaware participants . And that is the exactly the plus point these reality shows are actually feeding upon .

The term ‘reality’ used for these shows can be quite a misnomer as most of these shows are pre planned , well rehearsed and not natural ( in plain terms , fake ) . The so called ‘Swayamvar’ is a live demonstration of this fact . A swayamvar means a marriage . But do we get to witness one at the end of the swayamvar . No we don’t .

Take an example of the live singing competition . Well , its more of a competition between the judges than the participants . The trailers are flooded with the arguments between the world famous music directors , and though deep inside we know that its all well planned , we still wait and wait and finally we watch the show , just to know what exactly did happen , what exactly was planned , what exactly they quarrel for afterall .

Its an unreal real world . A world we love to enjoy . The only problem with these shows is that they call themselves the “Reality Shows” . Otherwise , they are more entertaining and worth watching than any other daily shop , which are even more disgusting . Atleast here our imagination can take a flight and we can assume our self to be in the shoes of people we see on the screens , and can be optimist enough to be in their place in the subsequent episodes .


  1. Yeah these swayamwars have been really stupid. This time he did get married but he “dated” so many of them and was misbehaving with those girls. Yuck! wonder what kind of girl would take part in that. Getting married is not a game right? They do make money and people watch them just to criticize like you said.

  2. Those swayamvars really make a mockery out of a sacred institution like marriage! Splitsvilla is all about who shows the most flesh, while Roadies is about who can gossip the best! The television has literally turned into an “idiot box”!