Return to the Past

Just a while back I was chatting with one of my school mates after a long time . Infact , I was chatting with her for the first time . We were in the same class for many years , yet we never talked to each other . And two years after school , we were talking like the best of friends meeting after a long time .

Amidst all the conversation a question she threw at me forced me into some thinking . She asked ,” Why you never talked to me in school ? Was I so bad ? ” . I kept searching for words , but didn’t find any . In the end , I threw the same question back at her . She instantaneously replied ,” Because I thought you were a very reserved person and don’t hold any interest in socializing . Plus , you looked so full of yourself and your ego .”

I was shell shocked to hear this . This was the very same reason I never tried to strike a conversation with her in my school days . After we talked for some time I realized that she was miles away from what I thought her to be .

It is nothing more than ” Let him/her approach first ” type of thinking which prevent us from interacting with few people . The result being us conjuring a completely false image about the other’s attitude . Β We never talk to each other because we are not sure whether the other is interested in talking to us or not . And in the end , we end up being complete strangers to each other . Who knows we could have been great friends .

Going back in time , I remember quite a few faces I never really put an effort to start a friendship with . When I look at the “acquaintances” list of my life , there are quite a few people who could have so easily been in the “friends” list , or even in “good friend” and “best friend” list .

This may be Β just a chat with one of my old class mate , who has now moved from my “acquaintance” list to the “good friends” . But this has caused me to repent for what I have not done . The person on the other side of the line might have been waiting for me to take the first step . I would have been blessed with a much much larger friends circle had I not hesitated , had I approached them .

Better late than never .Β Its time to Return to the Past .Β I am going to search for quite a few names now ( on Orkut , Facebook , Google … anywhere and everywhere )


  1. So true…..
    Once I had met such an “aquaintence” in the metro. All the time I kept on wondering “to speak..or not to..” thinking she might not be interested. Least, she might not even remember me or even my name. We eventually got down at the same station & it was then that she approached me and surprisingly she clearly remembered my name. I still regret for not being the one to take the initiative.. πŸ™
    But yes, better late than never πŸ™‚

  2. so when u going to approach some of ur classmates like this…..i m ur partner……..and will always show u the right way……….. πŸ˜€ 😈

  3. You can’t go back in time and change things can you??? You are right that we might have lost some possibly valuable friendships but then they never meant to be, right??

    So be happy and cheer up πŸ™‚

  4. There was a girl “mona” in my class back in school… She’d sit right in front of me and never talk to anyone. I kept asking her why she didn’t talk to anyone in class.. She said she just didn’t feel like it. People thought she was arrogant and proud, she looked like that. As I got to know her, in a months time, I realised she was completely different than what people perceived of her, and we became the BEST of friends..! πŸ™‚
    Appearances are always deceptive.. good luck ! πŸ™‚

  5. Whoa…that is so true. I sometimes think like “let him come first” to friends who stopped speaking to me much. Guess I have to change….

    Guess i needed this post….glad to have found it πŸ™‚

  6. Nice post Harsh I have never had such experience though… but when i find somebody’s profile or blog very friendly and appreciating i have the feeling of extending hand of friendship but i guess i withhold my this feeling out of what god knows…this is the same case when i visit your blog…i do want to be friends with you for a long time but was hesitating…. after reading your post i realized i only should initialize πŸ™‚ can we be friends?