Reversal of Roles : Life @ NITIE

It is that very same time of the year. It’s been exactly one month since the CAT results were declared and the MBA season, right now, is in full swing. Anxious faces all around, B-Schools declaring their GD-PI lists, aspirants shooting their queries everywhere and the dream to get into the dream college lives on.

Everything is same as it was last year. The entire situation is just like a Deja Vu. I have lived it all already once and I am living it once again. But with a little difference this time around. I am on the other side of the table. Last year, at the same time, I was sitting in front of my system, reading the posts by the aspirants on the NITIE Pagalguy thread. There was a very anxious and nervous “magicalharsh” directing his queries to the seniors on the thread, who just wanted to be sure of it. And an encouraging reply by a senior meant everything that time.

NITIE gave me my dream. I made my way to the God’s own campus and little did I knew at that time that one year down the line the very same PG id of “magicalharsh” would be there on the same thread, but this time answering the queries of his to-be juniors rather then being answered.

There at pagalguy people ask the same question again and again. They know that the same question has been answered but somehow they wish to be answered individually. I know the feeling as I was also a part of the lot that used to do the same and hence, even after answering the same query umpteenth number of times I repeat it rather ambivalently. I can see the same anxiousness in their queries that used to be within me last year. Seriously speaking that was one of the most precious moments of my life because that was the period which really taught me how wonderful the feeling is once you achieve something that you had really longed for. And this was the first time I achieved something substantial in my life.

Life at B School has been much more awesome compared to what I had envisaged. Every moment here at NITIE has been nothing less than an awesome experience. Fun combined with learning. Be it the late evening classes at 9 or 10. Be it a snake crawling outside your room or a leopard spotted somewhere near the MDP. Be it Bawaal or NPL going on. Be it the 3 round committee selection process that would stretch until 6 in the morning. Be it the really anxious moments during the Slot zero of the summer recruitment process going on. Be it the case of short attendance and completing extra assignments to cover for it. Be it the plethora of competitions and case studies that you participate in. Be it the late night parties followed by a long walk with friends on the Marine Drive. Everything is super duper amazing.


There are so many things that I can’t possibly pen it down all at one place. Every day is a new experience. Every day is a new adventure. A fun filled roller coaster ride it is. A ride which has added so many memoirs to my life. A life full of surprises and adventures. This is life @ NITIE. And for sure I love it to the core.

P.S. All the best to all the aspirants. It’s the time where you just need a last push, a bit of nitro to propel you forward. You surely will be rewarded for all the efforts that you have put in till now. Just one advice that I would like to pass to everyone. Never ever stop dreaming. Only when you dream, will you try to put it into reality. 🙂


  1. Everybody has dreams, but not all would be faithful to their dreams. They try to stick to their dreams for a while and if something goes wrong in between, they think thats not the right one for them. But its great to know that you have not only dreamt but also accomplished your fantasy. Very few would have the courage to dream of a B-school and its indeed appreciable that you lived yours without giving it up.

  2. awesome….just purely awesome….just seems magical when I read your experience….this is exactly what I always thought about – what would it feel to be on the other side of the table?….

    Brilliantly written 🙂

    • Hey Reema. I am really enjoying my life here at NITIE. Couldn’t be much active on blogosphere like I used to be once, thanks to the hectic schedule. But I will be making a return very soon 😀 😀