Say Bye to Student … Say Hi To Banker

Long time No see? 😉 I have been on an extended Writer’s Block and still struggling to make a full time return. In the meantime things have changed a lot around the world. Sreesanth finally made a big impact. Mumbai police has started monitoring what we are downloading (I wonder what they are looking for) 😛 . Infosys shares have taken a lot of beating (Little things like this make you proud of your decision to exit Equity trading). Days come Shit happens and the entire world keeps on moving. And since I am a part of it, things are no different for me 😀

I happen to have this small world of mine filled with my family, a bunchful of idiots, the never ending exuberance and peaks and valleys every now and then. A fun filled ride which continued for six years, starting from B.Tech and RKGIT and ending with MBA and NITIE has come to a halt now. And it’s time to jump into a different ride. The ride they all refer to as the Job Life :O :/

I am still sitting in my beloved college while penning this down and still not completely out of the Student mode. It’s not that it will take some time to sink in and make a transformation to the professional life. I see no reason why I can’t continue in the same mode. That will make everything much more fun and interesting, won’t it?

I am already two weeks old in Kotak Mahindra Bank and finding it an awesome place to be. Mumbai has also grown on me in the last two years and everything appears to fit right into their place in the puzzle. But every script has its own turns and surprises and I am sure mine too will follow the same course. I am looking forward to the same and super excited for the new phase.

Earlier Monday used to bring back the classes, now it will bring back the office. A walk around the pond will be replaced by a walk around the market, buying the household things. Everything will be substituted by something else, some for the good and some for the bad. College mates will surely be missed and the ones in the same city will be bugged on a regular basis. But one thing is not going to change and be exactly the same and I can promise that. I ain’t changing the way I deal with latter part of the day. The night life will always remain the same for me (It’s hard to change an engineer you see. And as they say,”Engineer + MBA is a very dangerous breed”) 😀 😉


Hello! Kya Samachaar?😀😀