Sayonara 2011 :: My life from My eyes

Honestly speaking, 2011 couldn’t have been better for me. It added so many beautiful memories to my life and provided with so many new and wonderful experiences which not only added feathers to my personality but also enhanced my outlook towards life. Peaks and Valleys were there, and will always be. But the best part of this year was that the valleys proved to be more important for me compared to the peaks.

From where it started and where it ended. A classic case study of how a calendar year could fare for a mortal like me. Let me take you through this journey of mine. My life from my eyes.



Miles to Go Before I Sleep

The start of the year was marked by one of the most important milestones of my life- The MBA entrance exam results. All the hard work that I laid was bearing fruits and all the sleepless nights that I have been experiencing at the end of 2010 were shoved away by the fact that my name was displayed in the shortlists of both IIFT and FMS. This was the time I started to regain the lost belief, the belief which I lost amidst all the tension and hype, a loss which could purely be accredited to the burden of expectations and fear of failure. Still I was waiting for the big one. I was waiting for CAT.

The “CAT”astrophe

And then it happened. My worst fear came true when even after scoring a decent percentile, my expectations took a blow because of a very weak score in VA. I was sure that I won’t get a call from any of my target institutes.

We’re moving on

Despair sent me into hibernation for a while. But then the least expected happened. Good news followed the drama as I got a call from a majority of Ivy League colleges. In the meantime I also got an offer from Infosys. Welcome to the most attractive and high profile jail of the country (after the ones Kasab is kept in, obviously :P).

Little did I know that I will make it into one of my dream institutes. NITIE followed NMIMS, and then other converts just had to give way to it. NITIE was one of the two big things that happened to me in 2011 😀

Socrates Reloaded

The events of my life transformed me into a philosopher. Well that is something everyone seem to do when life is on a downcurve. Drawing analogy was one mean I resorted to in order to relieve myself by accepting the fact that it’s not happening only with me and the phase will pass. Somehow the fact that I was leaving my college, the place I spent four years, the place where I made so many wonderful friends, the place where I learned and discovered so many things and the place which made a special place in my life, only because of the people that it added to m life, was the reason which was driving me philosophical. I am glad that I came out of the shell pretty quick.

A Fresh Start

Time to put an end to RKGIT and say hello to NITIE. From B.Tech to MBA, from Delhi to Mumbai, from my own domain to a new unexplored territory. Exciting times yet my heart was reluctant to move on. But one has to adapt and slowly but surely, I started getting used to it. Life was at its eclectic best.

The First Module “Blues”

I started in NITIE right from the point I left RKGIT at. Bunking classes and short attendance continued. 11th hour preparation and Backlogs continued. But the most important part was that the Learning too continued. Both in terms of curriculum and Life. Both in terms of personal and professional life. And both in terms of punishments and suspensions 😛 😉 Still the things were not exactly the same in RKGIT and I soon realized that adjustments need to be done. The things that occupied my life now can easily be explained by this pie-chart.


The very time of the year once again. And the very same exam which occupied my heart. CAT. I could not prevent myself from appearing in it once again. Just for the sole reason that I wanted to write it once again. But this time, without any fear, without any tension and without any burden.

The First Test

Amidst all the flashbacks which kept sending me to the past, I appeared for my first “official” test in NITIE. I was excited to face this new test to see how different is this new things. But was it really different? Not much, apart from the fact that the jargons and terminologies had crept in. Apart from that, the cribbing and story telling part remained all the very same 😛 😉

Life @ NITIE

A day out of the life of a common stupid student. The time that I got for sleeping kept on decreasing as the session progressed. I somehow got habituated to all the action and started enjoying it nonetheless. I continued my battle with Insomnia but still kept on losing at its hands. The biggest trouble was the graph that my consciousness level followed from 9:30 to 5:00. I bunked a lot of classes at the start of the session but as the time progressed and my attendance fell short, I was forced to attend the classes and fight the urge to sleep right in front of professor and be subjected to detention. Challenges keep coming at your face every now ad then, and this too was one of them. But somehow I managed to stroll pass this one too.


2011 was exceptional for me, both personally and professionally. I made so many special bonds, strengthened the old ones, landed into one of my dream institutes, NITIE. Experiences, Ecstasy and Evolution. Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai. Studies, Partying and Traveling. Family, Friends and Strangers. At this moment I would like to thank each and everyone for making this one so special.


Wishing you all and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year. May all you wishes come true and you achieve everything in life before the World comes to an end late this year 😛 😉

BTW What is your New Year’s Resoltuion? 😉 😀

And what about mine??? Well this describes my New year’s Resolution perfectly 😀 😛 >>


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  1. That was quite a year!!
    May 2012 be more happenning for you…more sleep, more fun, more frinds, more analogies, more of everything.

    ANd well, we seem to have identical New Yr Resolution statements 😀 😀 😀

    • There you go .. High-Five .. 😀

      You too have a very awesome new year 😀 😀 .. More smiles, More luck, More success and most importantly, more visits to my blog .. 😛 😛

      God Bless 🙂

  2. lol @after the ones Kasab is kept in, obviously

    this was just first year 😛 u r still left with one more 😛

    .. and that pie chart is great 😛 i never Knew that u thinK so much about loKpal bills 😛

    • to be precise I am left with one and a half 😛 😛 … It’s not about what you think or what you not … It’s about what you are forced to think by forcing you to hear the same stuff again, again and again :O :@