Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Ever tried looking beyond placements and salaries ???  Ever tried going for the unconventional ???  Ever the idea of ” Get Rich or Die Trying ” struck your mantle ???   …….. If yes , then you will surely cherish reading this book . And if your answer is no , then too you should go for this book as it will equip you with a sight to look beyond the horizon .

Winning isn’t everything . But wanting to win is .

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” was the advice that Steve Jobs gave to the students during his commencement speech at Stanford University .

But this book is not concerned with Steve Jobs , not by far . This is a book which illustrates the power of dream , the power of hunger and the power of desire .

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish‘ is the story of 25 such IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose the rough road of entrepreneurship. They are diverse in age, in outlook and the industries they made a mark
in. But they have one thing in common: they believed in the power of their dreams. This book seeks to inspire young graduates to look beyond placements and salaries. To believe in their dreams.

This book is more of a mini biography of these entrepreneurs who could easily have chosen a high paid job , a settled life style , a would-be CEO of some renowned company with a handsome salary to their dream of doing the unconventional . But instead they decided to follow their dreams . And didn’t their effort paid of , yes it did . There still lies a world beyond the horizon which these 25 IIM-A graduates were aware of .

Rashmi Bansal has classified them into three categories ……

First , the Believers : People who knew entrepreneurship was the Chosen Path. They took the plunge straight after their MBA or after working barely a couple of years. And they persevered until they made it big! ………

Second , the Oppurtunists , These entrepreneurs did not plan to take this path but when opportunity knocked they seized it. Their stories go to how that you don’t have to be ‘born with it’, you can develop an entrepreneurial bent of mind at any age ………..

And third , the ones with The Alternate Vision : These individuals are using entrepreneurship to reate social impact. Or as a platform which allows them creative expression.

A really liked this quote from the book by Sanjeev Bikhchandani >>

” I could see my future , had I continued as a manager in the corporate sector . If I was lucky , at the end of 5 years I will be a senior product manager , in 8 years I will be marketing manager .. In 25 years I might be CEO somewhere . All this If I am really good . I used to ask myself : Is this what I want in life ” sums it all .

Somewhere down the line , we all ask the same question to ourselves ” Is this what I want in life ” , and believe me , in most of the cases , answer comes out to be negative . But since we are too busy with our life or may be since we are unable to muster up enough courage to chose the path our heart tells us to , our desire is suppressed , which then ends up in the grave with our corpse , unheard and unanswered .


  1. Hmm interesting 🙂 We should indeed stop and ask ourselves what we want in life, and the answer will baffle us! Moreover, staying hungry is the same as wanting more things in life and pursuing them. It’s the pursuit that keeps you going.

  2. I am one of those who believe in Destiny rather than willpower. I am too scared to read these books.. what if I get motivated?? 😛 😀


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