Things that Nobody Knows 🤷‍♂️

‘Cyclone’ is a wonderful word. It signifies ‘turning in a circle’, just as the one-eyed Cyclops who gave Odysseus so much trouble might have done.

“Nice coincidence”, I thought to myself, as these were the first few words I read this morning. I have been reading this book “The Things that Nobody Knows” by William Hartston. When I picked this book, I went into a logical thought loop –

  • If these are the things that nobody knows, then how did the author know these things.
  • If there are things that nobody knows about, then there would be infinite things, as we do not even know that we do not know these things.
  • If there is no such thing that nobody knows, then there still will be one fact that no one will know – the knowledge that ‘there is nothing that we don’t know’ will always be missing

But let us park this philosophical stupidity for the moment, and talk about this book. 501 Mysteries of Life, the Universe and Everything – From lesser-known facts that ‘a day on Venus lasts longer than a year on Venus’ to even more lesser-known facts that the majority of giraffes are gay (See how I used less right after more, much like our life). This book, really, was about things that nobody knows.

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Apparent Happiness

“Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness.”
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

I will be waking up tomorrow not looking forward for a GoT episode. There will be rains though. Nothing else to look forward to. The morning will come and #mondaymotivation and #mondayblues will start trending next to each other. My excitement quota on Monday morning has been rather limited of late. There has been spikes but the overall mood tend to be rather gloomy.

Death. Is it a Friend? Is it an Enemy? Or is it neither? I recently read a book narrated by Death. The Book Thief. Death’s general tone, here, is more of a storytelling rather than a thriller. There is not a lot of anxiousness and excitement as you move forward. Yet I was glued to it till the very end.

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Doctors – Book Review

Erich Segal takes us right into the very heart of the Harvard Medical School’s class of 1962 . “Doctors” is an enthralling tale revealing the making of the doctors , what it takes to be the one and how difficult it can be to be in the profession which otherwise looks very glorious and secure . Erich Segal’s “Doctors” is both a love story and an impeccable study of the training and practice of the American health professionals.

Just like his erstwhile works , Erich Segal has hit a chord with this one too . From the merciless training in the medical school to the long demanding hours of complete dedication during internship and residency , doctors’ life usually encompass all the possible emotions – from triumph to failure – from evident joy to tragedies – they have to go through it all . The author has crafted a powerful and moving account of the 1962 batch of Harvard medical school. We experience the trials and tribulations that doctors go through, to be what they are.

At the novel’s heart is the selfless and unforgettable relationship that Barney Livingston shares with Laura Castellano . Both the childhood friends are incomplete without each other and a time comes when this relationship advances to something more powerful , something more passionate . Both are graduates for one of the most elusive institute of the country , but even their medical gifts combined might not be enough when it comes to saving the one life that they treasured the most .

The author also makes a point with the case of Bennett Landsmann and Seth Lazarus , the two people who are bestowed with all the intellectual gifts that He can shower upon , but still are troubled in their life by one or the other reasons . Bennett who is often confronted with his identity , being a black he was always treated below par by the society . Then their occurs a tumultuous event which not only shakes him to the very core but also threatens to end his splendid career as a talented surgeon . A career , which was just about to start after the long and strenuous training that he had gone through .

On the other hand is this guy named Seth Lazarus . Studious and shy , not to mention brilliant in academics , Seth is sensitive beyond measures to suffering . How his mercy killing advanced from putting to silence the suffering dogs in the Harvard lab to ending the meaningless life of his own brother Howie , he never knew . And then he finds himself confronting the hardest choice he had to make : to use his skills – either to save life , or to end it !!!

Doctors have higher suicide and drug addiction rates than the rest of the population due to the rigorous demands of their profession. The wannabe doctors give up their lives as they are unable to cope with the intense pressure of their work. The real prize in the profession lies in seeing a patient they have cured out of the suffering that he was unwillingly dragging along . Concepts like euthanasia and doctor’s ethics are touched upon, not to mention the adrenaline of the operating room. There are a lot of medical terms and terminologies used all along , remembering the name of a few can be a uphill task .

The book spreads upto some 670 odd pages and is undoubtedly captivating . You will never find yourself stuck at any point . The author does well with transition that he makes between the scenes , occasionally taking the reader into the flashback . The entire book is characterized by twists and turns , exchange of few awesome dialogues , and at numerous places – suspense , all the factors gel together to constitute what I would call an awesome book .