Nerd !!!

Second sessionals are going on . Having not appeared for the first sessionals , its really important for me to score good marks in DBMS this time around . But here I am . Instead of struggling with SQL , I am spending my time here , chatting , blogging , and blah-blah-ing at twitter 😛 .

You know what I used to be two years back in intermediate ??? I was like , say , even if there was an exam next week , its nerdtime to spend some a lot of  time with the books ????  No television , no time pass , no nothing … and excuse me , what is Internet ?? A classic example of a study bug … a mugger . Had it not been the desk rotation policy in classes , I guess I would have been a first bencher all the way . And guess what … I secured 100% attendance in High School and was also awarded “Most Disciplined Student” ( Disciplined ??? ahemm ahemm…).  Elected as a captain twice in a row ,  92.8% in Xth , 94% in XIIth , my teachers still set my case as an example for the juniors .study ??

And now , two years from then , I have totally turned into a study repellant creature . What has got into me ?? Is this the transition from school to college ?? Can’ be . I still find the existence of a number of muggers here. They study , study , study , study and study ( just like I used to do ) . And when I tag them “book worms” I realize that two years back , someone would have tagged me with the same title too . Is that the reason ( the fear of being mocked at ) that has transformed a mugger ?? Or is this caused due to the lack of parent’s supervision in hostel ?? God only Knows !!!

Now as exams approach , everyone seems to be reminding me a few things again and again …..

  • Semesters are approaching . Start studying now . ( As if studying would delay the semesters 😕 )
  • Books are supposed to be your best friend ( I thought Dog was my best friend 😯 ) .
  • Don’t construct any destructive plans of cheating in theory exams ( cheats are only to be used in practicals 😛 ) .
  • Put a halt to your online activities for some time . No one will hack your account during your absence . ( Me and my hackophobia 🙁 )
  • No Counter Strike . No NFS . No AOE for few days . ( That’s just a game . You don’t need to escape a hot pursuit . Neither are the terrorists planting a bomb under your nose )
  • Facebook is your enemy . Twitter is monstrous . Orkut is banned anyway .
  • Stop posting nonsense on your blog for few days . There is no need to reveal your insanity to the whole world .




Go…Go…Go !!!!!!!

What to do ????

It hasn’t been long since the start of fourth semester and look , sessionals are right at the corner . Books appear so alien now . I am looking at the book bank for the first time after I took them from library . Engulfed in a pool of questions , I don’t know where to start from . In the name of preparation for exams I just keep looking again at again at the sessional schedule , the books full of crap knowledge and photocopy of the notes .

What to do know ??? How to see it through ???………………No problem whatsoever . We are techies in making . We got a solution for everything . We know how to cross this obstacle . God has given us a healthy body , and that’s exactly what we are going to use . (P.S. brain is not what we are going to use 😛 )

Xamzzz…… :(

Semester schedule is out …… The torture begins on 12th and is scheduled to continue until 27th……marked by a respite of few days in between…….. the time is ticking away , and with every passing second exam fever is creeping in …….and all those senseless questions continue to buzz across my mantle …..

Why the hell do we have exams??? ….. is that the only alternative to test our skills ??? …… are the professors qualified enough to test us??? …… 😡


While most of the students are praying for a doomsday on the very day , I just keep wondering how third semester has gone by in a ziffy …… and now here we are ….. with the exams staring down on us ……. Sessionals starts on Monday , and here I am updating my blog …… my condition reminds me of a sms i received a few days back …… it said that “though we have a lot of time to study , but still we postpone everything for the last day …… because …….samundar ke sukoon se hume inkaar nahi …… magar tufaan se kashti nikaalne ka mazaa hi kuch aur hai“ …….. well said indeed……..we resemble a lot like rockets …… it doesn’t take off until its tail is on fire….. 😉 ……..
Somehow I have managed to keep my attendance 75+ …… and I am in a need to score really high in order to secure good internals ……. That’s the order of the day …… not to mention that exams sucks 🙁 …… see you all after the sessionals …… wish me best of luck … 😀 ….sayonara…….

Back to the Karambhoomi

One week has gone by in a ziffy …… “Royal” is the word that I would associate with my lifestyle back at home …… With full freedom to do whatever I want , go to bed and rise back at my sole wish , no endeavour by my sister to get hold of the sytem when I am on …….. I am the BIG BOSS here at home …..

Just one day ….. and see how a king transforms into a soldier on a mission …… a mission to face all the threats directed at him by HOD for bunking the classes ….. a mission to rise at 9 in the morning …….. a mission to …….errr……to look after himself ……..

Back to the Karambhoomi ……. Back to RKGIT …… back to all the assignments that I have been postponing for the deadline ……. Back to the classes that I would have bunked had I been not blacklisted …… Most importantly , back among my friends …… Back to all the masti …… back to the party-every-night attitude ……. Sheer enjoyment ……
Despite of all the work load that Data Structures lay upon us , despite of the (something-is-better-than-nothing) food of our mess , despite of all the fines that’s imposed on us for all funny reasons ……. “Heavenly” is what I would say about life in the hostel ……. So many friends to share your happiness and gloomy moments with …… so many friends to kick at your back ruthlessly on your friends …… so many friends to strike for you lest you were restricated from the hostel …… “All for One …. One for All “……

Forseeing the heavy workload that I am destined for until Deepawali holidays , I might not be able to blog for the coming few days ….. might not even come online for long stretches …… Its hard to find any spare time to update the blog amidst hundreds of events going around ….. Will try my level best to buy some time and sneak in one post , or two though…..
Bidding Lucknow goodbye……Here I come ghaziabad !!!!!

Harry Potter Fanatic

It was one of those hot june afternoons a few years back……Summer holidays were going on …. Projects were pending …who cares……. I was lazily surfing through different channels ….. bored of the summer holidays …… Suddenly a 60 feet monster with something like a deformed baseball bat in his hand zoomed in front of my eyes ….. He was on his way to destruction when one of those weird looking kids poked his stick into that monster’s nose …. and the other one muttered something like “Wingardium Laviosa” …. and the monster was a goner ……then there appeared few more of those crazy guys …. and one old lady amidst them muttered few words like “detention” and “points”……I was completely baffled…….It failed to extract interest out of me at the outset…….but I continued with the movie…….. Bit by bit I started feeling the inclination towards the movie and as I approached the last scene my point of view flipped 180 ……….. that was my first encounter with J K Rowling’s world of Witchcraft and Wizardy ……… Next day , in my school library I got my hands around the first book of Harry Potter’s series …. Philosopher’s Stone …. The magic in the book , platform number 9¾ , magical creatures , death eaters , friendship between ron , harry and hermione , quidditch and the Dark Lord appeared so real ….. Rowling knew how to play with the pen ….. The complete book was just magical ….. far amazing than the movie ….. Magic inside the book didn’t allow me to drift my eyes even for a moment……and by the time I read last word of last page I was already a part of the millions of people across the globe who were hypnotised by amazing world of Harry Potter ……

Five months after publication the initial book won its first award, a Nestlé Smarties Book Prize. In February, the novel won the prestigious British Book Award for Children’s Book of the Year, and later, the Children’s Book Award. The Mail on Sunday rated it as “the most imaginative debut since Roald Dahl“; a view echoed by the Sunday Times (“comparisons to Dahl are, this time, justified”), while The Guardian called it “a richly textured novel given lift-off by an inventive wit” and The Scotsman said it had “all the makings of a classic”.

In 2001 a film based on the book was released and after becoming the highest grossing film ever in the UK it went on to earn $976.5 million at the worldwide box office making it the second highest grossing film in history at the time. As of 2008, it is the fourth highest-grossing film of all-time, behind Titanic, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Further films based on the subsequent books have made Harry Potter the highest grossing film series of all time, ahead of the James Bond and Star Wars franchises. The success of the series and its tie-in merchandise, have led the Harry Potter brand to be valued at $15 billion, and J.K. Rowling becoming the UK’s richest woman, thought to be worth more than one billon US dollars.

Though the fantasy of Hogwarts has now ended with Lord Voldemort and the Deathly Hallows …… still those seven magical books …… with all the elements of pathos , tragedy , comedy . romance , sacrifices , friendship , and finally the win of the right over the wrong …….appear so real and amazing that a muggle like me can’t help but to read them again and again …….